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Nigerian Spam » Nigerian Scam Mail Archives » Nigerian Scam Mail Archives 2007

Nigerian Scam Mail Archives 2007

Scam mail from: Robert Puddy

From: Robert Puddy <>
Date: Oct 28, 2007 4:14 AM
Subject: An email without a single link to click on (am I losing it)

Market research, you have to go find out if there is actually people out there who would buy it or whats the reason for producing it.

Web Page Design, you have to make your web pages look like you know hat your talking about or even the people who might like to buy your product will just pass on by if the site sucks

Writing content, while your producing graphics and buttons and headers and ebook covers etc etc you also have to write the content for the site.

Testing and tracking, Hell its no good promoting in places that dont work, so you have to test and track right?

Website maintenance, you have to make sure your web pages stay google compliant or your toast in the search engine rankings right?

All this and we havent even started on actually producing a product yet

When I went through the list of things to be checked and done for a new product idea there were 23 different tasks to do just to have a chance of working out. And if you do all these things
there still isnt any guarantee it will actually produce any profit.

Thats a whole lot of work for a maybe it will be successful dont ya think?

Infact its a pain in the --- Duff right?

So lets squish all that work, hassle and uncertainty down to 5 steps

Notice I said 5 steps, not 5 tasks. Tasks is still work right?

I'm talking about tick a box and press the staples that was easy button

Fill out a form and press the red easy button

Tick another box and press the easy button

Whoops this one isnt even a step just check it over and press the red easy button

Step 5 Submit to the rip2it team, step away and go play golf (or veg out in front of the TV)

5 simple steps its that easy

And its almost ready for you to use and try out, watch out
for an email on monday the 17th for your very own staples
"that was easy button"

Your success
Robert Pat & Sean

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