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Bharat Udyog Ratna Award Scam Alert

Scammers are sometimes very clever and act as devious vultures; they may not instantly prey on you for financial contribution. They may have something deadly in their mind, waiting to work it out in steps; their initial step is to attract innocent or ignorant victims, who blindly fall for them. We are not such one; Our Company is one of the world's coalitions against scam.

This is something which we ourselves encountered and was in awe, when we realized they were big time scammers. Few days before, we received a letter stating that our company has been nominated for the Bharat Udyog Ratna Award, for further perusal they asked us to send in our details and bio data; we sent everything duly filled in. within a week we received another letter stating that we are selected for the award and we have to pay Rs.27, 000 for the processing and membership for a validity of two years and Rs.50, 000 for five years. Though, we had a small suspicion initially, we just overlooked it because it was like a typical Indian authenticated organization and the name was also desi, altogether they gave a proper desi look to the whole gimmick they put up. So we sent in our details, but when we received the second letter we confirmed eighty percent that they are scammers. It immediately showed us a red flag.

It is very obvious, because no authentic organization gives out an award for money. They required a huge sum of money to give us this award. This kindled our senses, which made us pull up our socks and we went in for a detailed research as to who they are exactly and researched their back ground, to our surprise we found that their domain was registered only on July 2010, which means they are just one year old, a one year old organization cannot possibly give out awards like this, so this confirmed us hundred percent that they were scammers. In fact they are using a domain which was expired and they have re registered it in their name.

The benefits they are providing in giving this award are as follows.

  1. A comprehensive package of promotional benefits Not explained properly!.
  2. Extensive PR exposure. We have never heard of this company before nor have seen them online to prove that they are a quality company. Any company should have good online and offline presence to give PR exposure.
  3. An objective two page presentation in the “quality brand times Special edition. Funny!!! It seems to reach 100 companies through spamming!”.
  4. The opportunity to use the quality brands accreditation in their products marketing efforts. Do they have a brand to give us a brand??
  5. Brands participating in quality brand get considerable marketing and PR opportunities .
  6. A double page spread in the quality brand times which is distributed to national media, embassies etc etc.
  7. Quality brand logo in product packaging, web sites, company magazines, loyalty programmes and other marketing communications. Gift items, display purposes etc

  • Public relations
  • Brand generated press releases and cover stories
  • Seminars and networking events etc etc.

Note : the 3rd and 6th point ; 2 ,5 and 7 points , all seem to convey the same thing, written in different wordings.

Why we say it is fake.

It showed a red signal, when they asked money in return for an award, which they portrayed to be one of the prestigious award given. The web site is so young, it is just one year old, an organization should be well and will be established only after few years, say some ten or fifteen years, this organization with just one year experience, giving away awards is quite too much and unreasonable. Last but very important and strong reason to tell it is all fake is that, these people dint do any back ground verification about our company, for giving an award to a company, they should definitely collect information about their company, their history, achievements etc, but they dint do all that, they just sent in the second letter telling that we got selected. In fact the information which we furnished and sent was all little exaggerated, but they dint bother to cross check or verify the same.


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Quality Brand Registration Form is dedicated to all the hardworking people who have been scammed by the spammer or 419 scam frauds. Although our site concentrates on providing awareness of Nigerian 419 spam (scam), scam baiting, advance fee fraud, scam phising, also we deal with other types of fraud such as letter spam, e-mail scam, lottery spam as well. You can go through our scam baiting tips, it is just amazing way to deal with the spammer or scammer.

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