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Terms Used By 419 Scammers

Akwukwo, chekere, pepper = Fake check.419 Scam Terms

Bill = the amount a scammer plans to take out from his victim.

Ego, lalas, show = Money

Fall mugu (to) = to be fooled and to become victim of advance fee fraud.

Flash of account = Cause the victim's bank account to provisionally show a large credit. This is intended to persuade the victim to believe in the deal and send money. The credit gets upturned by the bank when it is discovered that the actual check or electronic transfer was fraudulent.

Format = The scheme or script of an advance fee fraud, e.g., the late dictator format (the 419 scammer pretends to be a qualified of a dictator, e.g. Miriam Abacha, "Wife" of Sani Abacha), the next of kin plan, the lottery format.

Guyman, guy = Scammer engaged in advance fee fraud.

Maga, mugu, mugun, mahi, mahee, mayi, mayee = Victim of advance fee fraud.

Oga = Boss

Owner of the job, Catcher = Scammer who makes the first contact with a victim and then start to pass him on to another scammer who finishes the job. The latter shares the spoil with the former.

Yahoo millionaires, yahoo boys = Scammers

w Involve requests for "up-front" money to protect your involvement in their transaction. Hence the name "advanced fee fraud."
w Are usually marked "urgent" or "confidential"
w State promises of millions of dollars, which they would pay you for your help, once the transaction is completed.
w Always have a scheme or cause for contacting you: a legacy that is tied-up; diamonds in boxes, which they need to get out of the country; millions of dollars in boxes, which they need to get out of the country; money "frozen" by government; excess oil or few other merchandise; etc.
w Most 419 scammers present themselves as doctors, lawyers, sons of ex-generals and few other imperative persons; to hoax you into thinking they are important.
w Are always looking for a foreign "partner" to help them.
w Ask for further personal information about you: personal or business letterhead, banking information, private and also secure phone number.
w States that they are working with the Central Bank of Nigeria. This bank denies any dealings.
w States that they are a top official with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC).

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