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1.Sender Score

"The world's most wide-ranging record of email sender reputation". Use it to check out your own business and make sure you're staying out of the anti-spam blacklist.


This is a cgi script that generate bogus web pages on demand. Each page is filled with giberish, fake email addresses, and links to more wpoison pages. The consideration is that email address harvesters will yield the fake email addresses and toxic the spammer's database. This is a very old script and may no longer be effective. It also has the possible to fatal the databases of search engines, which is an unwanted side effect. The search engines are likely to fall your whole site from their crawl in reply, which is almost certainly something you don't want. Protect the search engines (and yourself) against this by installing a proper robots.txt file along with wpoison.

3.Spam Poison

It seems to be a marketable re-embodiment of wpoison. They give you with a tagged url to place in your web site which redirects harvesters to their web site. Not clear how they make money (if any) from this. Also, the links have "" in the clear, so I would think that the harvesters will have erudite to pay no attention to those links by now.

4.Spam Gourmet

They offer email addresses with short lifespan to use wherever you're necessary to give an email address to stranger. Their essential repair is free and quite easy to use. You sign up with them and get an email address in their domain. Then, whenever you need to enter an email address on a web page, you enter one in the form The cookie is whatever thing you want to use for that web site, and N is the maximum number of emails you're willing to take delivery of. The first N messages are forwarded to you. After that, it becomes a black hole, never to contact you again. You don't even need to visit the web site after the initial signup. The only difficult part is coming up with cookies you haven't used before.


Throwaway email accounts

6.Site Advisor

Provide two services: First, they kernel web forms all over the internet with tagged email addresses to see which ones get spammed. Second, they visit sites with potentially hateful software to see which ones download malware onto their computers. They then make this database available under the imaginative commons, and provide warning while you surf..

7.Spam Cube

A hardware resolution to spam. Similar to a firewall box, Spam Cube sits between your computer and your network, filtering out spam as it arrives. Most probably, its filters are regularly updated tenuously by the vendor. Like a firewall box, Spam Cube is configurable via a webbish interface.

8.Spam Fighter

Collaborative anti-spam tool for Win doze. Click on a piece of spam that the filter missed, and the spam is removed from everybody's inboxes simultaneously

9.Spam Sieve

Bayesian filter software for Mac OS X. $25. 30-day trial available.

10.Spam Pal

Filter program for Windows. Runs between your mailbox and your mail program, tagging incoming mail as spam if the sender is found in a DNSBL database.

11.Spam Assassin

Similar to Spam Pal, but for Unix/Linux. A Perl program launched from proclaim which tags spam based on multiple criteria, including DNSBL listings.

12.Blue Frog

Subscription service which maintained a do-not-spam list and complains to spammers on your behalf. Driven out of business by a denial-of-service attack in 2006

13.Tattle Mail

Subscription service which automatically analyzes your spam for you and sends complaints to the proper authorities. $1/month..

14.Form Flood

A program written to fill web-based forms with gibberish. Nominally intended to load-test servers, it can also be used to poison a spammer's leads database. Here's how it works: A spammer (say a mortgage spammer) floods you with spam asking you to fill out a form to apply for a mortgage. (In reality, this information is simply sold to mortgage brokers, who will contact you later.) Form Flood lets you fill out the spammer's form thousands of times with reasonable-looking gibberish. This wastes the time of the mortgage broker who hired the spammer and makes the spammer's leads worthless. Soon, that spammer is out of business. Poison the databases of enough spammers, and the mortgage broker who hired those starts looking for more legitimate ways to run their business.

Similar to Form Flood; this site allows you to report the URL of a phishing site, which is then flooded with bogus information. The phisher is then unable to find the useful information in the flood of useless data.

16.Spam Vampire

This is a program proposed to suck down all of a spammer's bandwidth. In short, if enough people run it, it creates a distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack against the spammer's web site. It's written in JavaScript and runs right in your browser. You installing it by downloading the source code (which is an html file) onto your local disk. You configure it by editing the web page to point at a web page owned by the spammer that's annoying you, and by disabling caching in your browser. You run it by simply viewing the web page in your browser. If you like, you can even simply view the web page directly from the spam vampire web site, but then it attacks the spammers that Darren Brothers chooses instead of the ones you choose. The instructions seem to be directed at Windows users, but it probably runs under Mac and Unix/Linux as well.

17.Refi Retaliator

Another program intended to poison the leads database of a mortgage spammer

18.Lad Vampi

Coordinates DOS attacks against spammer web sites, similar to Spam Vampire.

19.Cloud mark

Community-based anti-spam service.. is dedicated to all the hardworking people who have been scammed by the spammer or 419 scam frauds. Although our site concentrates on providing awareness of Nigerian 419 spam (scam), scam baiting, advance fee fraud, scam phising, also we deal with other types of fraud such as letter spam, e-mail scam, lottery spam as well. You can go through our scam baiting tips, it is just amazing way to deal with the spammer or scammer.

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