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Avoiding Scams - Steve Weisman


Scams are in all places now... Discover exactly how to protect yourself from it!. The fact about safeguarding your money, wellbeing, and status. The truth about pharming, slamming, phishing, vishing, and more.

This book tells about 61 proven, easy scam-proofing, bite-size, techniques that works; Scams have for all time been with us, and they will always be - except now, technology makes scammers' works even easier, allowing them to reach out from everywhere around the world, and take benefit of many people than ever before. No matter how intelligent you think you are, you can without doubt become a victim: in fact, scammers have discovered that educated, sophisticated persons are among their greatest targets. The Truth about Avoiding Scams joins you with everything you need to save yourself: genuine, up-to-the-minute information and the "inner sensors" you need to sniff out even the subtlest, the majority well-crafted scams.


Consumer finance expert and nationally syndicated radio host Steven Weisman offers bite-size, speedy, just-the-facts information about every kind of fraud, from identity scams to computer-based fraud, travel and health scams to phony educational loans and scholarships.

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      Spamato is dedicated to all the hardworking people who have been scammed by the spammer or 419 scam frauds. Although our site concentrates on providing awareness of Nigerian 419 spam (scam), scam baiting, advance fee fraud, scam phising, also we deal with other types of fraud such as letter spam, e-mail scam, lottery spam as well. You can go through our scam baiting tips, it is just amazing way to deal with the spammer or scammer.

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