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Jeff Adams Real Estate Seminar

Adams Publishing Group, Inc.
154-A W. Foothill Blvd.,
Suite 325, Upland, CA. 91786


Jeff Adams has been awarded aas the successful real estate owner and America's most successful investor, Educator and one of the top most real estate leaders. Over the past 16 years. Jeff Adams Best Selling Author and Investor Real Estate Investment Expert, Jeff Adams, teaches you how making money with real estate investing buying and selling foreclosures and distressed properties and doing it with no money and no credit.

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Carol Erwin

Having had a beautiful experience buying our very first home with Jeff Adams, I take this opportunity to extend my sincere thanks for helping me pull off a deal that was money-saving. He is such a great real estate aficionado who understands our needs and helps us work out an exceptional strategy that works at its best. With a highly cyclical and uneven market period, he knows when to apply what strategy. Amazing craftsmanship!!!

Date: september-23, 2015


Albert Pereira

Mr. Jeff Adams has an amazing knowledge in investments and property trade. He lays out the best strategies for real estate trade and his simple methods have proven to be powerful. He brought me out of my confusion, and now I'm growing at a steady rate, all thanks to Jeff Adams!

Date: August-25, 2015



I've attended Jeff Adam's workshop once, a few years back. It got me interested in real estate! I've been carefully following Mr. Adams since then and I've had the chance to learn a lot from him. I like the way he approaches and tackles each and every issue with confidence and ease. I hope to make a positive change in my career by reinforcing a lot of principles stated by him!

Date: July-24, 2015



Jeff is a genius when it comes to knowing about investments. He is the best that I've ever come across. His approach to real estate is so innovative and unique that I haven't witnessed anywhere! I've had the chance to learn a lot about marketing techniques and signing the right deals that they have made helped me make a positive turn in my career.

Date: July-15, 2015



Jeff Adams is one of the best real estate investor and an amazing educator too. His writings on various aspects related to investment bring out the reason for his success at his profession. He is really a great guide, if you ever dream of making it big in the field! My career has become very smooth and successful after I had adopted his strategies. I would highly recommend him to all.

Date: June-30, 2015



I've attended a couple of Jeff Adam's workshops so far which was recommended to me by my friend initially. The first workshop experience had me so mesmerized that I decided that I was going to choose real estate as my career! I've been carefully following the gentleman Mr. Jeff Adams since then and I've had the chance to learn a lot from him. I hope to make it big in this field and I'd owe my success to Mr. Adams any day! Undoubtedly, I would recommend him to all who wanted to make it big in the world of real estate.

Date: June-25, 2015



Jeff Adams easy approach to the perils and the tricks of real estate investing has helped me a lot over the past few years. I had never dreamed that I would make it so big in the real estate industry. I have great deals now and that is because of the tweaks I made to my marketing strategies. I owe my success to Jeff Adams. I would highly recommend him to all!

Date: May-20, 2015



If now I have managed to know about the right way in investing in real estate, it is definitely because of Jeff Adams! My business has grown a great deal since I attended that seminar of The real estate connoisseur Jeff Adams. I gained the knowledge of solutions for the real- world problems in this business and I've been able to successfully implement them and make great turnovers! Thank you so much Jeff! I owe it to you!

Date: May-16, 2015



To get acquainted with the different strategies and to get cultured in real estate, there are quite a few ways, but if you want to make the most of it and learn it in the most ethical means, then signing up for Jeff Adams boot camp is the way to go! This will truly steer you through the world of investing, selling, be it commercial or apartment house. In addition, it also steers you through negotiation techniques. Having attended Jeff Adams seminar and camp for the past six months, I'm able to invest wisely which is resulting in good returns. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to stamp a great mark in the field of real estate.

Date: Mar-11, 2015

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