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Test your knowledge of Scam!

1.What is it called when a scammer asks for a fee to get a credit card, loan or scholarship?
a) Ponzi scam
b) Advanced fee scam
c) Pigeon drop
d) Pump and dump scam

2. What is it called when a scammer promises you a job and asks for personal information and money for uniforms and other items related to the job?
a) Employment scam
b) Phishing
c) Pharming
d) Advanced fee scam
3. What is it called when a scammer needs to transfer a huge sum of money from a foreign country and offers you a big share of the cash?
a) Lottery scam
b) Pyramid scam
c) Phishing
d) Nigerian scam
4. What is it called when a scammer asks you to send money to a top person and to recruit new people to do the same below you?
Three Card Monte
Advanced fee scam
Nigerian scam
Pyramid scam
5. What is it called when a scammer attempts to get personal information from you using a bogus e-mail or website pretending to be a legitimate company such as a bank?
Pump and dump scam
Employment scam
6. There is a well-known e-mail hoax that involves deleting a Windows file with an embedded icon. What is the icon a picture of?
Teddy Bear
7. What is a Ponzi scheme?
It is simply another name for a pyramid scheme
It is an investment scheme centered around one person
It is a method of collecting e-mail addresses
It is simply another name for Nigerian Bank scam
8. What is it called when an e-mail message is forwarded to several people and the message itself asks to be forwarded to others?
Pyramid scheme
Chain mail
Ponzi scheme
9.What is it called when you are sent a large bogus check and are allowed to deduct a commission?
Employment scam
Ponzi scheme
10.What is an urban legend?
A form of chain mail
A virus attached to an e-mail
A hoax or story that is not true
A form of junk mail
11.You receive an email from an organization asking that you "Verify your account information within 24 hours or your account will be frozen." This email may request your password, login name, Social Insurance Number (SIN), credit card details or other personal information. You know the organization and think that you may have subscribed to one of their services. What do you do?
You reply to the email asking them why they want this information.
You reply to the email with the information asked for.
You delete the email.
None Of These
12.To reduce spam, you can:
Use one email address for friends and family and instruct them never to supply that address to anyone else. Create a second address for trusted businesses.
Create temporary "throw-away" email addresses that you use for specific purposes including newsgroup and newsletter subscriptions, message board postings and other online services that require an email address.
Do both A and B
None Of these
13.It's a good idea to have one email address that is used exclusively for friends and family. These trusted people should be made aware that they are not to share this address with anyone, and should use it only to communicate with you directly. The more often an email address is used, the more vulnerable it becomes to spam. People may expose your email address to spam if they:
Include you on mass mailings such as jokes and chain emails,
Use your email address on websites that offer services
Enter your email address on ballots and surveys (both online and paper-based).
None Of these
14.To help minimize the amount of spam that you receive, turn off the preview pane a window that allows you to preview the contents of an email message in your email software.
Good email software protection allows me use the preview pane without potentially harming my computer system.
None Of these
15.If you choose to post your email address to a website, can you choose a format that makes it more difficult for spammers to collect it?
Spammers don't collect email addresses that way. They rent or buy email address lists.
None Of these
16.You have received an email message promoting a service that you never asked for. At the bottom of the message you find a phone number to call in order to be removed from this mailing list. You:
Call the number and ask to be removed from this mailing list.
Delete the email message.
Reply to the email message asking to be removed from the mailing list.
None Of these
17. Is it worthwhile to create an "alphanumeric" address (an email address that combines both numbers and letters)?
Reply to the email message asking to be removed from the mailing list.
None Of these
18.You have an easy to remember password and you use the same password everywhere, even for your bank account. You have heard that you should use different passwords for your accounts and change them regularly. What should you really do?
Continue using the same password.
Create passwords made up of mixed characters and numbers (such as 43JAMP9), and change your account passwords once a month..
Create three passwords based on your favourite names and rotate those between your accounts every three months..
Keep a list of 20 short, easy to remember word passwords in a file on your computer. Then you can look them up and change your account passwords every six months.
19.How often should you update your antivirus program and personal firewall?
Never. Installing these programs is all that is required
Once a month
Once a week.
Check as often as possible and use the auto-update feature if the software offers it.
20. After checking your email, your computer starts behaving unusually. You:
Install or update anti-virus and firewall software and run a full system scan.
Configure your firewall so that it prompts you every time a program on your computer attempts to connect to the Internet.
Check for any unauthorized use of your personal accounts including, banking, credit card, e-commerce, email, and any other password-protected account.
A, B and C

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