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Frederik Weiss

From: Frederik Weiss <>
Date: Aug 5, 2006 9:56 PM
Subject: breaking point

But I knew Judy would lookafter you if mother couldnt spare time from Cuddles. But I justimagined that because I heard Aunt Maria say once that she wasfair. But she forgave them because they praised Bets. You know so much more about a mother than I do, Pat. Sometimes, Judy, they made me awful mad . She couldnt imagine any one liking the touchof Mrs. Garrison talkedlightly, saying sweet, insincere things in her silvery voice to Mr. Larry Gordons old car clattered in at the gate. Aunt Hazel says she thinks my hair would grow darker if itwas bobbed.

You can choose the flowers and Ill arrange them. If he had told me that four years ago I would havebelieved him but he has left it too late. The midnight wind came wild and dread Swelled with the voices of the dead. Ivewritten some of it every day for a week and just put downeverything that came into my head. I hope I wont take the measles but I think it would be realexciting to be sick. How did youever get so many flowers into it? Oh, LOOK at Dorothy over there by the lilies. Andshe had also laughed at Uncle Toms beard and Judys book of UsefulKnowledge. It was altogether delightful to be alone again. Garrison talkedlightly, saying sweet, insincere things in her silvery voice to Mr. He had put on his poor best suit, which was too short for him andhad been too short for a year. Jingle poked the bouquet out toher stiffly. Ive taken out and read the telegram a hundred times just tobe sure.

Bets, they said, was lovely, with such sweet ways. Ive taken out and read the telegram a hundred times just tobe sure. Carter says funerals are not as expensive as weddings when all issaid and done. Sylvia Cyrilla says the South Glen Petersons got a bad scare lastweek. There is oneabout a ghost on a farm belonging to Sylvia Cyrillas uncle who haswhiskers. Im sure shell be lovely whatever kind of eyes and hair she has,assured Pat. Sure and I was mad inside ivery daythey was here whin they began showing off in me own kitchen. Pat received this prediction in sceptical silence. Pat liked Dorothy well enough but Joan was a blow. The prettiest woman Ive ever seen, agreed Pat heartily. Then this morning I had to leave atfive to take a load of factory cheese to town. They had it in spots as ye say, Im thinking.

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