Facebook sues suspected Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez sex tape spammer

Facebook or myspace has converted to the legal courts for help in cotton wool swab off a annoying spammer who apparently keeps returning to do factors like hijack victims’ records and instantly publish superstar adult, along with a bogus Bieber -Selena Gomez sex record.

According to a issue Facebook or myspace registered on Saturday in the US Region Judge of the North Region of Florida, the charged – Captain Christopher Chris Tarquini, of the US condition of New Shirt – is apparently a “recidivist” spammer who’s overwhelmed the website with details claiming to link to adult superstar pictures. Facebook says that when customers visited on the content or their controversial pictures, the details were then instantly allocated to the victims’ Facebook or myspace buddies.

Meanwhile, Facebook or myspace users’ internet explorers were being rerouted to marketing sites that paid Tarquini and his affiliates for the traffic.

From the complaint:

In short, Facebook or myspace customers who visited on Tarquinii’s deceiving details instantly, and without their knowledge or approval, became unknowing members in and sufferers of Tarquinii’s fraud.

Facebook says it spent thousands to track Tarquini down and stop the claimed fraud. But even after Facebook or myspace informed Tarquini that he was breaking Facebook’s rights, and even after it yanked his Facebook or myspace consideration and told him he was no longer approved to accessibility the website and solutions, he kept right on doing what he was doing, Facebook or myspace said in the issue.

Facebook conditions prevent a number of factors that Tarquini is charged of doing, including:

  • Publishing adult material,
  • Gathering users’ details without their approval,
  • Using Facebook or myspace to do anything illegal or deceiving,
  • Creating a new consideration after a prior consideration has been impaired, and
  • Taking sign in details or obtaining a person’s consideration.

According to Facebook or myspace, Tarquini developed application programs to technique customers into passing over their accessibility wedding celebration. With those accessibility wedding celebration, Facebook or myspace says that Tarquini and his affiliates could take over others’ Facebook or myspace records and publish material that, when visited, rerouted users’ internet explorer to third-party sites.

In Feb 2013, one such program, known as “Jacked”, instantly published details, pictures and hyperlinks to the bogus sex record presenting Bieber and Gomez. Facebook Users who visited got sent to a website off Facebook or myspace that provided a doctored, blurry image of what looked to be the superstars, developed to look like a still shot from videos clip that might be visited on to watch a apparently released sex record.

But when customers visited, what they got was a immediate to allow accessibility the customer’s Facebook or myspace consideration. Jacked provided customers with a “Verification Code” that supposedly confirmed whether the user was human but actually deceived them into duplicating and sticking in their accessibility wedding celebration.

With that, Facebook or myspace claims, Tarquini was able to hijack users’ records and to further distribute the fraud by posting hyperlinks to the bogus sex movie. Facebook sent Tarquini a cease-and-desist correspondence in Goal 2013, revoking his authorization to use the website, solutions or system, and impaired his Facebook or myspace consideration and programs.

According to Facebook or myspace, Tarquini reacted, verifying that he had indeed developed the devious application script:

 Tarquini addressed the Goal 11 correspondence and confessed that he had developed the Jacked program that was used in the Bieber/Gomez junk campaign; confessed that he had allocated the program to a number of associates; and confessed that the Bieber/Gomez junk strategy rerouted customers to a non-Facebook website.

As details of Tarquini’s work filled across news, Facebook or myspace says, the details besmirched the social networking network as it “tainted and continue[s] to taint the Facebook or myspace experience for Facebook or myspace customers.”

Still, Tarquini converted around and developed a new Facebook or myspace application, Facebook or myspace expenses – one known as the Fly Picture Manager. That one breached Facebook or myspace conditions by providing illegal third-party ads, Facebook or myspace says, so it closed it down.So Tarquini made another Fly Picture Manager, Facebook or myspace claims, and that one does the same thing that the first one did.

Facebook is asking a legal court to get a court test going so as to swat this annoying fly. Facebook or myspace also wants to be refunded for its botheration, and it wants Tarquini to hand over continues from his claimed frauds.

Tarquini encounters expenses of violation of contract and offenses of condition and federal computer rules.Note that Tarquini’s claimed fraud varies a bit from the one Nude Security revealed on in Feb.

That fraud also used a supposed Gomez/Bieber sex record to attract Facebook or myspace customers, but it ended up leading to a study fraud.It’s not clear if the two frauds have the same writer, but either way, the session is the same: Don’t trust your Facebook or myspace buddies.

They may be discussing hyperlinks and experiences that simply aren’t true, such as the bogus “Justin Bieber passed away in a car crash” Facebook or myspace fraud from Goal.Then again, they may have rashly visited on a supposed sex record, had their records hi-jacked, and not even be aware what junk their newsfeeds are displaying you.Be careful simply clicking out there – fraudsters know which of our control buttons it will pay to force, and obviously, many of us have very large control buttons marked “Justin,” “Selena,” “sex” and “porn.”

Mark Zuckerberg’s own Facebook schedule hacked by Palestinian researcher

Like many organizations nowadays Facebook or myspace provides a bug resources system for protection scientists to reveal weaknesses in come back for a money transaction.

As lengthy as the insects are eligible under Facebook’s whitehat circumstances, scientists can anticipate a compensate of $500 or more.

Khalil Shreateh, an IT graduate student from Palestine, lately found a weeknesses that permitted an enemy to publish on somebody’s schedule, even if they were not Facebook or myspace ‘friends’ with that individual.

So Shreateh created the decision to show the bug on the schedule of Debbie Goodin, a buddy of Facebook or myspace CEO Indicate Zuckerberg. He then revealed the bug to Facebook or myspace via the whitehat system. According to Shreateh, as Goodin only stocks her content with her buddies, the Facebook or myspace group were incapable to accessibility his publish and responded to tell him they could only see a mistake (sic):

Facebook protection replay was that the weblink gives mistake starting , if course they did not use their power to perspective sarah’s comfort content as sarah discuss her schedule content with her buddies only , i was able to perspective that publish cause i’am the one who did publish it even i’am not in her buddy record. that what i informed them in a replay and i also informed them i may publish to Indicate Zuckerberg timelime

So he revealed it again. Facebook or myspace replied:

I am sorry this is not a bug.

The identified Shreateh then created the decision to increase his business presentation by publishing to Zuckerberg’s own schedule.

Dear Mark Zuckerberg,

First sorry for breaking your privacy and post to your wall , i has no other choice to make after all the reports i sent to Facebook team.

My name is KHALIL, from Palestine .

couple days ago i discovered a serious Facebook exploit that allow users to post to other Facebook users timeline while they are not in friend list .

i report that exploit twice , first time i got a replay that my link has an error while opening , other replay i got was ” sorry this is not a bug ” . both reports i sent from www.facebook.com/whitehat , and as you see iam not in your friend list and yet i can post to your timeline .
“Minutes” after publishing, he was approached by a Facebook or myspace protection professional, Ola Okelola, who requested for more details about the manipulate. According to Shreateh he then had his consideration revoked (it has since been reinstated).

He also published this movie, displaying his exploit:

An professional on Facebook’s protection group, He Jackson, said Facebook or myspace set the bug on Friday but confessed that it should, perhaps, have requested Shreateh for more details.

He managed, however, that Shreateh is not eligible to a bug resources because he breached Facebook’s whitehat circumstances and circumstances and accountable disclosure plan.

OK – so I perform on a protection group at Facebook or myspace and sometimes help with examining Whitehat reviews. To be obvious, we set this bug on Friday. The OP is appropriate that we should have requested for extra repro guidelines after his preliminary review. Unfortunately, all he presented was a weblink to the publish he would already created (on a actual consideration whose approval he did not have – breaking our ToS and accountable disclosure policy), saying that “the bug allow facebook customers to discuss hyperlinks to other facebook users”. Had he involved it clip [he created to show the exploit] originally, we would have captured this much more easily …… However, the more essential problem here is with how the bug was confirmed using the records of actual individuals without their authorization. Taking advantage of insects to effect actual customers is not appropriate actions for a white-colored hat. We allow scientists to create analyze records here: https://www.facebook.com/whitehat/accounts/ to help accomplish accountable analysis and examining. In this situation, the specialist used the bug he found to publish on the timeframes of several customers without their approval.

Even if Shreateh considered he was exposing the weeknesses in a accountable way, Facebook’s bug resources circumstances are obvious

Let’s wish that he won’t have been put off looking for other weaknesses later on, but that when he will create sure he sensibly reveals the bug and can then appreciate enjoying the bug resources benefits.

Mega-hack of superstars reveals social security numbers, credit reports, and more…

What joins Kim Kardashian, US Vice Chief executive Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Mel Gibson, Mrs. Obama, Ashley Ashton kutcher, Jay Z, Beyoncé, London Hilton, Britney Warrior spears, Debbie Palin, Hulk Hogan, Brian Trump and Arnold Schwarzenegger?

They, and other politicians, appear to have had their individual details and credit score history (including community protection numbers, details of their loans, details, and details of their bank card and financial details) released by a group of online hackers on a new web page.

Clearly alert alarms have step about the risk of identification fraud.So that scammers cannot enter into.so beware of scammers and fix the problem regarding hacking your account.

And do you know what the online hackers did to really rub the regulators nasal area in it?

They included in their list of sufferers the head of the Los Angeles regulators Charlie Beck and FBI Home John Mueller.


The Key Data files – “If you believe that God makes wonders, you have to wonder if The devil has a few up his sleeve.”

This isn’t the kind of information we normally see released out onto the internet about superstars. It’s become more common to see online hackers grab naked images of Scarlett Johansson or Carley Rae Jepsen and post them on the net to humiliate superstars.

Well, the money score history and community protection variety of politicians may not be as likely to attract the tabloids as released naked images, but is however still a issue for those who have dropped sufferer.

The apparent question is – who is behind the website?

Frankly, there’s not much to go on.We have seen two twitter posts written in European from an account which seems to be associated with the website, and the words on the recently created web page itself.

It looks as though the online hackers have been including more thieved individual details to the website over time, which might recommend that there could still be more to come.The characteristics of the content – titles, community protection numbers, past details, schedules of birth, etc – recommend that a credit score company might have been affected in some style. Whether an company was actually compromised, affected in some other style, or whether an core within the company released the information, is difficult to say at this point.

.SU sector TLDWe shouldn’t also be too quick to determine that just because the web deal with (which we are choosing not to do it again here) finishes in .su, or the language used in the twitter posts is European, that the online hackers come from that world.

After all, it could be a purposeful smokescreen by the online hackers to send researchers off the pathway.One word of warning – sites declaring to contain individual details about superstars are likely to receive a lot of traffic from inquisitive people, and some in the press may post the web deal with.

Computer customers, however, should be extremely cautious about viewing such sites. After all, it would be simple to place a boobytrapped PDF on the website designed to contaminate viewing computer systems.

Over the last year or two we have seen many risky and cybercriminal sites change from using .ru details to .su – where they are less carefully controlled.

Colin Powell’s Facebook account has been hijacked

Former US Assistant of Condition Colin Powell is the newest community determine to have dropped sufferer to online hackers, with a sequence of out-of-character information published to his Facebook  web page.

But before you leap to the summary that only a highly-sophistictaed range of online hackers, supported by an attacker country, could probably have had the abilities to crack into the Facebook or myspace consideration of the man who was Chair of the Combined Chiefs of Group during the Beach War.. think again.

It seems to be that whoever split into Colin Powell’s Facebook or myspace consideration, didn’t do so to grab tricks – but rather in a naughty make an effort to redistribute personal pictures and e-mails formerly thieved from close relatives members members of former presidents Henry H.W. Shrub Henry W. Shrub.

Indeed, some of the content made to Colin Powell’s Facebook or myspace consideration contain pictures formerly published online by a cyberpunk known as “Guccifer“, who doxed the Shrub close relatives last 30 days.

At enough duration of composing, Colin Powell’s Facebook or myspace web page is not available, and one assumes on that Facebook’s protection team have walked in before any more harm can be done or discomfort triggered.

Colin Powell. Picture from ShutterstockThe exciting query that cannot quickly be responded to is just *how* Colin Powell’s Facebook or myspace consideration was compromised.

The most likely response is that his protection password was affected – but if that is the situation, was it affected because it was poorly-chosen and thus easy to crack?

Or was it perhaps that the very same protection password was being unwisely used elsewhere by Colin Powell, on a website that was cracked?

However the consideration was affected, it might be here we are at Colin Powell to study up on protection password protection – and make sure that his Facebook or myspace web page is better protected later on.

Has Justin Bieber passed away in a car crash? Facebook growing the “news”

Before you begin weeping, let me tell you the great information. Justin Bieber hasn’t passed away in a car accident. Phew! I’m sure we’re all treated about that. Not least Friend Bieber himself. But what if you had observed on the grape vine that the pint-sized heart-throb had come to a grisly end? How would you have verified the news? Chances are, nowadays, that you might have Researched for an appropriate phrase like “bieber passes away in car crash”.


And look what the very first google listing is: If you were to basically simply click that weblink you would be taken to what seems to be, at first look, to be a genuine information website: However, if you are a lengthy lasting audience of Undressed Protection there should be enough here to band some scam alert   alarms.

Doesn’t it emphasize you of the International Associated “news” tale from a few months ago about the loss of life in a car accident of Pet Store Young children celebrity Neil Tennant? Funnily enough that seems to have occurred on entirely the same expand of street – “Route 80 between Morristown and Roswell”.

Past bogus loss of life reviews have engaged companies fatalities of Adam Ant, Jim Carrey, Religious Slater, Vanilla flavor Ice, Tom Vacation amongst many others… The fact is that somewhat unpalatable sites are available which allow anyone to automagically produce a bogus report about a loss of life in a car accident. Simply modifying the weblink changes the name of the sufferer.

Before you know it, web customers are unknowingly sending the concept without verifying their information, and the unpalatable web page is making itself some money from all of the new visitors seeing its advertisements. Sadly, reckless Facebook or myspace customers are re-sharing this bogus tale of Bieber Bieber’s loss of life to all and varied, maintaining the scam in existence and assisting targeted visitors a web page that believes it is brilliant to perform such fed up practical jokes.

Rihanna sex video occasion fraud propagates on Facebook

Be on your secure if you see any of your Facebook or myspace buddies publish a concept about an claimed Beyonce sex video.

A variety of Undressed Security visitors expected me off to the information that were showing across the online community by means of occasion invites.

If you are a fan of Rihanna’s hip-grinding Bajan music then you might well be influenced to discover further, and simply simply select the weblink which would take you to a Facebook or myspace web page like the following:


I missing all regard for her after viewing this >> [LINK]

If you’re thinking what in the world y.ahoo.it is, it’s not the French edition of the “Ahoo” online look for motor, but rather a URL shortener in the design of bit.ly or Twitter’s t.co.

Facebook’s security group is preventing the hyperlinks as they have been revealed as harmful, but it’s always possible that whoever is behind this fraud could use another cover to try to walk previous that protection.

In the last, frauds like this have been used to generate associates cash by getting visitors or visitors to reviews or have set up Mac viruses onto the computer systems of viewing Facebook or myspace customers.

Scams like this only propagate because of person’s organic curiousity and wish to look at a sleazy superstar sex movie.

If you were misled into doing this fraud create sure that any remains of it have been eliminated from your newsfeed, and remove any information or activities you may have unintentionally distributed to your friends

Spam has its own notorious menace since decades when online had gained popularity among people. The scammers make people victim not only for money but also for playing brutal with human emotions. In recent years, this kind of Nigerian spam targets popular personalities as it goes viral on the internet. One such famous personality who got victim for this online spam is Rihanna who is a well known singer, actress and fashion designer. Fake Rihanna sex tape and her relationship as lesbian were circulated in 2011 which went viral creating a big issue on online security.

It got spread as a kind of Facebook scam directing users to click on the invitation welcoming to watch a Rihanna sex tape. The users access to the site was made to infect with malware directing them to the fake tape. The Facebook’s security team responded by blocking the malicious links that contain the postings. The people who were invited to watch the video were also prompted to click certain suspicious links. This may tend to steal the user credentials too.

It is better to strength and protect your passwords in order to defend yourself being fall as victim for this Nigerian spam. It is also advised not to click on any suspicious links that trick people to fall as a victim.

Facebook Scammers – Latest Target is Rihanna

Facebook Scammers like to share the fake link to get traffic towards their certain sites. They mostly use to share the fake link about celebrities like Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera, Charlie Sheen, Justin Beiber, MIley Cyrus and Emma Watson. Now their latest target is Rihanna.

The link about her sex video are spread on facebook right now along with messages like “OMG – I just hate RIHANNA after watching this video”, “you will lost your all respect for RIHANNA after watching this.” This is the way the facebook scammers make money. They also told all their visitors to share this link to all facebook friends.

Avoid click on everything that your friends share on facebook. Report it if you observe a scam like this single and make sure that you is not spreading this scam in your wall. Soon clean up like this scam message and it’s better to have the facebook security.

Bieber’s sexy web camera is another Myspace popular scam

The Myspace study fraudsters are up to their filthy techniques again, now trying to technique you into knowing that pint-sized pop trend Bieber has been sexy on his web camera.

For at least the last 24 time details have been displaying on the public media assistance, apparently published by not guilty customers, saying:

Facebook Bieber position messages


Did you saw how Bieber become sexy on his webcam?


Bieber become sexy on his web camera – surprising video!

Bieber like you never saw before.


Clicking on the weblink requires you to a web page which creates as a movie of Bieber Bieber involved in a web camera movie discussion with a women admirer. According to the site, Bieber Bieber requested unique ladies on the internet to mock him on his web camera (something, you think about, that his rapid women supporters might be all too willing to do).

Facebook Bieber web camera video


OMG! Bieber Webcam scandal revealed!


Bieber requested unique ladies to mock him on webcam

what they will do ? what he will do ? you will be in impact when you will see the complete movie !

However, if you were wanting to look at the claimed movie you’ll have to leap through some basketball first. As is regular with these form of frauds, the webpages want you to “Like” and “Share” their material on Myspace before they will let you see the “shocking video”.

If you’re in any question as to whether this is a sensible plan of measures or not, the site shows some “reviews” from other lovers verifying how “shocking” and “naughty” the movie is.

So, the fraudsters are trying to get you to discuss the weblink as much as possible – with the guarantee of displaying you a surprising movie of Bieber Bieber proposition on a web camera at the end.Their wish is that you will discuss the weblink far and large, improving the variety of individuals who might want to go through with the procedure and – eventually – take an paid study.

Surveys like this not only details up your private details, but also generate commission payment for the individuals who are distributing these backlinks around. In the toughest situations they even ask for your variety and indication you up for costly top quality amount solutions. It ‘s time that Myspace customers got sensible to this technique, and rejected to perform tennis ball.

If there really is a amazing surprising movie of Bieber Bieber you can be very sure that it will be displaying on a sleazy TV details place very soon, rather than being invisible behind Myspace webpages that create you take on the internet surveys and complete on their backlinks.

This isn’t once that Bieber Bieber has been used as lure by on the internet fraudsters, and it won’t be the last.If you dropped for the fraud, eliminate sources to it from your details and newsfeed. In particular, create sure that you have also eliminated it from the record of “Movies” you like, where it has sneakily placed itself for others to fall across:

Scarlett Johansson cyberpunk pleads accountable – encounters up to 60 decades in jail

Celebrity cyberpunk Captain Christopher Chaney (you know, the guy charged of coughing into the e-mail options of female stars, sweeping up their personal information and unclothed images to post online) pleads accountable to nine crime number, such as wiretapping and opening pcs without authorization.


Chaney is now experiencing a maximum of 60 decades in offender. Wowsers, that is extreme. That’s what happens with cases including multiple number. I think it unlikely that he will be sentenced to the full 60 decades, but it is a person’s guess as to what he will be given.


The phrase is planned to be passed out in September. Chaney could also be experiencing extreme dues of up to $2.2m (£1.65m), according to the Beeb.35-year-old Chaney was caught last Oct in The city of Jacksonville FL, following a year-long FBI search, codenamed ‘Operation Hackerazzi’.The research looked into a series of well-known coughing accidents including 50 superstars, such as Scarlett Johansson, “High School Musical” star Vanessa Hudgens, Christina Aguilera, Woman Crazy and Miley cyrus.


Scarlett Johansson, Vanessa Hudgens, Christina Aguilera, Woman Crazy, Miley cyrus, Chaney said to enjoying the ‘forgot password’ feature and used openly accessible information to answer the security questions in order to accessibility his superstar victims’ records, reports the BBC.He utilized the records, took unclothed images, as well as lurid texts and messages. Many of these were then told two on the internet superstar news sites.


According to records, Chaney was revealed to have modified e-mail configurations, sending a duplicate of the victims’ information instantly to an e-mail he could accessibility. This way, he kept an eye on their devices and could duplicate over anything of interest. So even if a sufferer modified the code, the cyberpunk would still be able to get a duplicate of the messages…


Chaney was initially experiencing a 26-count indictment, blaming him of unwanted accessibility of secured pcs, wiretapping, identification fraud, and damaging pcs. Initially, Chaney pled not accountable, but he arranged a asking deal with the prosecutors and ended up saying yes to nine number, such as identification fraud, wiretapping, and unwanted accessibility of secured pcs, says TMZ. He also decided to give up his pcs, external pushes, and mobile phone.

Bieber’s Tweets consideration – hacked!

Lend a little consideration to pop celebrity Bieber these days, after his Tweets consideration was affected and an unexpected concept was sent to his 19 thousand lovers.

Fortunately the concept was quickly removed, and it’s that the consideration was affected more to propagate unpleasant graffiti rather than with more harmful objective.


Just think about how much more intense things would have been if an incredible number of Bieber lovers had seen a twitter from their idol providing, say, free show passes – and the weblink had really indicated to a website developed to reach their computer systems with viruses.

Justin BieberThat’s not to say that the cyberpunk didn’t do any serious harm at all, of course. According to reviews whoever smashed into Bieber’s Tweets consideration, also started to unfollow and prevent some of people that the Canada musician follows.

If you’re one of Bieber Bieber’s many lovers, please understand something from your idol’s accident. Always choose a powerful, protected code for your Tweets consideration and make sure that you are not using it on any other sites, and never reveal it with anyone else.

Furthermore, be cautious that you only log into your Tweets consideration from a pc that is thoroughly secured with up-to-date anti-virus application and protection parts – in other terms, maybe you shouldn’t believe in that pc in a resort entrance hall or your buddy’s PC. Key logging malware can pick up your code without you understanding, and complete it onto harmful online criminals.

And keep in mind that just because a Tweets consideration is “verified”, doesn’t actually mean you can believe in every concept that is published to it.