Identifying a Fraudulent Leader

Analysts have more than the years, admitted that corruption has been the bane of Nigeria’s political, social and economic development. Famous authors like the late Professor Chinua Achebe in his book titled The Trouble with Nigeria, blamed leadership for the woes of the country.


However, a society gets the leader it deserves as leadership is an invention of followership, particularly under a democratic system of government. On this premise, it would be correct to say that a good leader was a good follower before presumptuous a leadership position and therefore, developed good leadership behavior as a follower and not after assuming leadership role. This implies that it is possible to identify someone that could be a good leader at the level of followership.

The Longman English Dictionary defines the word ‘leader’ as “the individual who is in charge of a group, organization or country, etc.” The word ‘corruption’ is defined as “dishonest or dishonest behavior, especially by people with power.”

A certain African proverb says that it is hard to learn how to be a left hand user at adulthood. In this situation, it is a good follower that can probably evolve into a good leader. So, it is possible to recognize a follower who is most likely to be a bad leader if the opportunity emerges. Identifying a Nigerian citizen and resident who is likely to be a extremely corrupt leader if he or she assumes a leadership position is a easy task.

The bank customer who walks into the bank, sees a long queue he have to join, despises the queue and walks directly to the counter, seeking to be attended to before others, is fraudulent and self-centred and will make a very bad leader if given a leadership position. A job applicant who falsifies his age in order to get the job is a dishonest and potential corrupt leader.

A nuclear family member, who is given an amount of money to share with blood brothers and sisters, and he or she keeps the money all to his/herself, will be too corrupt to be given a public office to beginning. The parent that encourages his or her child to get concerned in examination malpractices or Advanced Fee Fraud (419) will be an adversity if such parent assumes headship of a public office.

Actor Will Smith dead 2014

Information of actor Will Smith’s death spread quickly earlier this week causing concern among fans across the world. However the February 2014 report has now been confirmed as a complete hoax and now the newest in a string of fake celebrity death reports.

Thankfully, the actor best known for his roles in The Pursuit of Happyness, Men in Black or The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is alive and well.

Hundreds of fans directly started writing their messages of condolence on the Facebook page, expressing their sorrow that the talented 45-year-old actor and rapper was dead. And as normal, Twittersphere was frenzied over the death hoax.

Where as some trusting fans believed the post, others were immediately skeptical of the statement, perhaps learning their lesson from the large amount of fake death reports emerging about celebrities over recent months.

Some pointed out that the information had not been carried on any main American system, indicating that it was a fake information, as the death of an actor of Will Smith’s stature would be major news across networks.

A fresh poll conducted for the Celebrity Post shows that a large majority (80%) of respondents think those Will Smith death rumors are not funny any longer.

On Thursday (February 13) the actor’s reps officially confirmed that Will Smith is not dead. “He joins the long list of celebrities who have been victimized by this hoax. He’s still alive and well, stop believing what you see on the Internet,” they said.

A few fans have expressed anger at the fake information saying it was reckless, distressing and hurtful to fans of the much loved actor. Others say this shows his extreme popularity across the world.

FBI warns of crimewave striking money registers

Image of money register courtesy of ShutterstockThe US Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) has warned retailers to harden their defences against cyber-heists – particularly those that latch onto acclaim card details from shoppers, as actually happened to Target.

The BBC reports that Reuters got its hands on the warning, which went out as a classified report to large retailers.

The FBI reportedly said that over the past year, it’s seen about 20 cases in which data was stolen using the similar type of malware as that inserted onto Target’s credit and debit card swiping-machines, money registers and other point-of-sale (PoS) tools.

The agency expects PoS malware crime to continue to grow in the near term, despite whatever mitigations law enforcement and security firms throw at it.

The profits are huge, and the PoS virus code is both too cheap and too widely available on dissident markets for thieves to resist, the FBI said.

According to the FBI’s report, one copy of this type of PoS malware was found on retailing for only $6,000 (£3,600).

That’s actually a bit pricey. I don’t know where they’re shopping, but they’re paying top dollar.

Cybersecurity consultants Group-IB back in September 2013 actually found booby-trapped bank card readers for half that price.

The ones they came across were bundled with a suite of money-stealing support services that offered to make scam crimes a snap: $2,000 (£1,200) on a hire-purchase basis or $3,000 (£1,800) for those crooks who just want to buy the hacked terminals outright.

The FBI wasn’t naming names when it came to whose PoS systems have been ambushed, mind you, but the name Target is the one that’s ringing a lot of bells in that branch these days.

A couple weeks ago, Target CEO Gregg Steinhafel told CNBC in an interview that there was malware installed on the retailer’s PoS registers.

We don’t know yet whether those rigged registers were behind the breach of Target’s (at least) 70 million data records.

But it wouldn’t be terribly surprising if those hacked PoS systems were the means by which the thief got to the vast universe of Target customers and guests.

As SophosLabs researcher Numaan Huq describes in this Naked safety article, this type of card fraud is ripe for setting us up to get card data plucked from our hands if we so much as pull out the plastic to pay for one measly candy bar.

In fact, “Buy candy, lose your credit card” is the name of a 2014 RSA safety conference session in which Numaan and Chester Wisniewski will be presenting a paper on the industrialization of this type of card fraud, in February.

The subject of the paper and the presentation is one specific type of PoS malware called RAM scraping very interesting stuff that gets into the nuances of how data is most definitely not encrypted end-to-end in PoS systems, in spite of their being compliant with the expense card industry’s data safety standards, PCI-DSS, and how RAM scraping takes advantage of that.

Rapper 50 Penny encounters court action for publishing sex video without permission

A New York judge on Friday decided that a California lady could sue artist 50 Penny for publishing onto his website a sex movie that revealed the ladies experience.

50 Penny, aka Curtis Wayne Fitzgibbons III, was billed by the lady, Lastonia Leviston, truly for psychological problems.The X-rated movie presented the lady having sex with Maurice Murray, her former partner.

Leviston is the mom of a child fathered by one of 50 Cent’s competitors, John Ross. According to the New You are able to Publish, 50 Penny supposedly bought the home made adult from Murray, although Leviston statements Murray had guaranteed to eliminate the video.

The artist then modified himself into the video as a wig-wearing narrator known as Pimpin’ Wavy.Murray’s experience was blurry out, but Leviston’s was not.50 Penny says he wasn’t accountable for the televisions 2009 launch, according to Fox Information, but says it was lawfully reasonable to use the pictures.

The rapper’s site gets an incredible number of opinions. It clip was also grabbed by several sites and considered almost 4 thousand times, according to the New You are able to Publish.

Leviston billed that the advertising triggered her to experience depressive disorder and stress and nearly forced her to destruction.50 Penny had tried to get the case ignored by disagreeing that she was bluffing, given that she was still able to get her secondary school equivalency degree and hold down two tasks after the movie was published.

But New york Judge John Wooten had written in his choice that Leviston’s journal could lead to other results, according to news sites that considered the judge documents.From the judge’s choice, as transcribed by the New You are able to Post:

[Leviston’s diary] shows that Leviston amused taking once life ideation as a result of the discharge of the movie record, and that she was incapable to operate normally in her everyday life.In the movie, 50 Penny known as Leviston a “call girl” known as Brooke. In her fit, Leviston declined being a hooker.

The judge documents quotation the artist as saying that his only purpose was to react to Ross “disrespecting” him.

In rebuffing 50 Cent’s make an effort to get the fit ignored, Wooten had written that it’s up to a court to decide whether Leviston’s struggling was “genuine and excessive.”

Skype’s Tweets consideration affected by Syrian Digital Army

It would appear that 2014 is beginning off on a bitter observe for the people in Windows public networking group. The Syrian Digital Military (SEA) seems to have affected Skype’s Tweets account. Skype was obtained by Microsoft company this year.

There is proof to recommend they were able to get accessibility Skype’s Facebook or myspace and Word Press weblogs as well, likely showing either distributed security passwords or perhaps bargain of Skype staff’s email options. This isn’t entirely amazing as the FBI had released a caution on Xmas eve to press companies about a new trend of phishing strikes associated with the notorious SEA.

Skype has more than 3 thousand supporters on Tweets, which indicates that, had the assailants desired to deliver out harmful hyperlinks or other risky content, this could have been a whole lot more intense. What I would like to know is why on this planet a company public networking information with over 3 thousand supporters would not be using two-factor verification.

Twitter2FA250Earlier this year Tweets combined out an enhanced two-factor remedy obviously in reaction to past strikes by the SEA.WordPress provides two-factor verification and Facebook or myspace has reinforced two-factor verification for several years now, all in an make an effort to avoid this actual type of strike.

Microsoft, would you care to describe why you obviously are not using it?

I believe it is the liability of companies with a huge number of supporters to do whatever they can to protected their information.I assume this can be a session to the relax of us. Take benefits of the protection net of two-factor verification whenever possible. While it may be less than perfect, so are you.

Facebook sues suspected Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez sex tape spammer

Facebook or myspace has converted to the legal courts for help in cotton wool swab off a annoying spammer who apparently keeps returning to do factors like hijack victims’ records and instantly publish superstar adult, along with a bogus Bieber -Selena Gomez sex record.

According to a issue Facebook or myspace registered on Saturday in the US Region Judge of the North Region of Florida, the charged – Captain Christopher Chris Tarquini, of the US condition of New Shirt – is apparently a “recidivist” spammer who’s overwhelmed the website with details claiming to link to adult superstar pictures. Facebook says that when customers visited on the content or their controversial pictures, the details were then instantly allocated to the victims’ Facebook or myspace buddies.

Meanwhile, Facebook or myspace users’ internet explorers were being rerouted to marketing sites that paid Tarquini and his affiliates for the traffic.

From the complaint:

In short, Facebook or myspace customers who visited on Tarquinii’s deceiving details instantly, and without their knowledge or approval, became unknowing members in and sufferers of Tarquinii’s fraud.

Facebook says it spent thousands to track Tarquini down and stop the claimed fraud. But even after Facebook or myspace informed Tarquini that he was breaking Facebook’s rights, and even after it yanked his Facebook or myspace consideration and told him he was no longer approved to accessibility the website and solutions, he kept right on doing what he was doing, Facebook or myspace said in the issue.

Facebook conditions prevent a number of factors that Tarquini is charged of doing, including:

  • Publishing adult material,
  • Gathering users’ details without their approval,
  • Using Facebook or myspace to do anything illegal or deceiving,
  • Creating a new consideration after a prior consideration has been impaired, and
  • Taking sign in details or obtaining a person’s consideration.

According to Facebook or myspace, Tarquini developed application programs to technique customers into passing over their accessibility wedding celebration. With those accessibility wedding celebration, Facebook or myspace says that Tarquini and his affiliates could take over others’ Facebook or myspace records and publish material that, when visited, rerouted users’ internet explorer to third-party sites.

In Feb 2013, one such program, known as “Jacked”, instantly published details, pictures and hyperlinks to the bogus sex record presenting Bieber and Gomez. Facebook Users who visited got sent to a website off Facebook or myspace that provided a doctored, blurry image of what looked to be the superstars, developed to look like a still shot from videos clip that might be visited on to watch a apparently released sex record.

But when customers visited, what they got was a immediate to allow accessibility the customer’s Facebook or myspace consideration. Jacked provided customers with a “Verification Code” that supposedly confirmed whether the user was human but actually deceived them into duplicating and sticking in their accessibility wedding celebration.

With that, Facebook or myspace claims, Tarquini was able to hijack users’ records and to further distribute the fraud by posting hyperlinks to the bogus sex movie. Facebook sent Tarquini a cease-and-desist correspondence in Goal 2013, revoking his authorization to use the website, solutions or system, and impaired his Facebook or myspace consideration and programs.

According to Facebook or myspace, Tarquini reacted, verifying that he had indeed developed the devious application script:

 Tarquini addressed the Goal 11 correspondence and confessed that he had developed the Jacked program that was used in the Bieber/Gomez junk campaign; confessed that he had allocated the program to a number of associates; and confessed that the Bieber/Gomez junk strategy rerouted customers to a non-Facebook website.

As details of Tarquini’s work filled across news, Facebook or myspace says, the details besmirched the social networking network as it “tainted and continue[s] to taint the Facebook or myspace experience for Facebook or myspace customers.”

Still, Tarquini converted around and developed a new Facebook or myspace application, Facebook or myspace expenses – one known as the Fly Picture Manager. That one breached Facebook or myspace conditions by providing illegal third-party ads, Facebook or myspace says, so it closed it down.So Tarquini made another Fly Picture Manager, Facebook or myspace claims, and that one does the same thing that the first one did.

Facebook is asking a legal court to get a court test going so as to swat this annoying fly. Facebook or myspace also wants to be refunded for its botheration, and it wants Tarquini to hand over continues from his claimed frauds.

Tarquini encounters expenses of violation of contract and offenses of condition and federal computer rules.Note that Tarquini’s claimed fraud varies a bit from the one Nude Security revealed on in Feb.

That fraud also used a supposed Gomez/Bieber sex record to attract Facebook or myspace customers, but it ended up leading to a study fraud.It’s not clear if the two frauds have the same writer, but either way, the session is the same: Don’t trust your Facebook or myspace buddies.

They may be discussing hyperlinks and experiences that simply aren’t true, such as the bogus “Justin Bieber passed away in a car crash” Facebook or myspace fraud from Goal.Then again, they may have rashly visited on a supposed sex record, had their records hi-jacked, and not even be aware what junk their newsfeeds are displaying you.Be careful simply clicking out there – fraudsters know which of our control buttons it will pay to force, and obviously, many of us have very large control buttons marked “Justin,” “Selena,” “sex” and “porn.”

Kate Gosselin sues husband for “hacking” email, phone and Private Messages

Kate Gosselin, who taken to popularity in the US after showing in a truth TV docusoap ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8′ about her life with her eight kids, such as sextuplets, is suing her spouse for supposedly coughing into her individual e-mail consideration, her phone and her banking consideration, as well as taking a hard generate full of information such as family images.

The details produced by the claimed coughing and information robbery went into a much-hyped guide on the wedded partners’ very-publicised divorce, published by John Hoffman, a newspaper reporter and buddy of Jon Gosselin, the superstar spouse who is also known as in the fit.

The guide was drawn by Amazon after accusations that it trusted improperly-sourced details.

Hoffman statements to have discovered the details by searching through Ms Gosselin’s containers, but is also estimated as suggesting he has over 5,000 individual images that belong to her – an unlikely discover for a dumpster-diver.

The tale has been taken by large wide range of celeb-loving press websites, such as the well known Email Website, probably mainly as an reason to bring a lot of pictures of the complaintant in a wide range of clothing.

All experiences of course make reference to the heinous act of coughing.

The lawful documents on the case, registered in the US Region Judge Southern Department of Chicago and dug out by superstar site Mouth On the internet among others, also make periodic use of the conditions “hacking” and “hack”, but as so often in these situations it would appear that the conditions are being used in the loosest possible feeling.

A more precise way of explaining the spouse’s actions might perhaps be “guessing her password”, and probably even “knowing the security password having been wedded to her for 10 years”. There certainly seems to be no proof of any unique specialized expertise engaged in obtaining the details.

The ethical of the tale will of course be that you should make sure your security passwords are fit for objective and kept personal.

Padlock. Picture complimentary of Shutterstock.If you are a superstar with lots of individual details you don’t want released in a top selling precious moment – and you have a irritated and probably vindictive former associate who might know (or have enough information of you to guess) that your e-mail security password is 12345 – you are best recommended to modify it as soon as possible.

And to modify it to something that cannot be thought, even by someone who knows the titles of all your preferred animals, former instructors and most dearest groups.

The same guidance applies for regular people, as well as superstar octomoms. Better still, let an internet based security password administrator application make effectively complicated security passwords for you, different ones for all websites, and all invisible behind only one extra-strong passphrase.

There is of course another part to this tale, as it would be unkind to put the fault entirely on someone who seems to be accountable of nothing more than the almost worldwide lawful activity of inadequate security password cleanliness.

There have been many situations of associates dropping out and using their closeness to get at details about their alienated other sections that they really should not be seeing, and many of these situations, quite apart from being rather sad, include some kind of lawful activity being perpetrated.

In a lot of situations, those engaged are not completely conscious of the lawful characteristics of their actions.

So if you end up on the other part, trying to get at details which is not truly yours, ask yourself, should I really be doing this?

If it were, say, an costly wrist watch or a elegant footwear, rather than some electronic financial institution statements or controversial superstar images, would that make a difference? If it was effectively secured by a actual secure rather than a security password, would it be right to break in and make off with the swag?


Mark Zuckerberg’s own Facebook schedule hacked by Palestinian researcher

Like many organizations nowadays Facebook or myspace provides a bug resources system for protection scientists to reveal weaknesses in come back for a money transaction.

As lengthy as the insects are eligible under Facebook’s whitehat circumstances, scientists can anticipate a compensate of $500 or more.

Khalil Shreateh, an IT graduate student from Palestine, lately found a weeknesses that permitted an enemy to publish on somebody’s schedule, even if they were not Facebook or myspace ‘friends’ with that individual.

So Shreateh created the decision to show the bug on the schedule of Debbie Goodin, a buddy of Facebook or myspace CEO Indicate Zuckerberg. He then revealed the bug to Facebook or myspace via the whitehat system. According to Shreateh, as Goodin only stocks her content with her buddies, the Facebook or myspace group were incapable to accessibility his publish and responded to tell him they could only see a mistake (sic):

Facebook protection replay was that the weblink gives mistake starting , if course they did not use their power to perspective sarah’s comfort content as sarah discuss her schedule content with her buddies only , i was able to perspective that publish cause i’am the one who did publish it even i’am not in her buddy record. that what i informed them in a replay and i also informed them i may publish to Indicate Zuckerberg timelime

So he revealed it again. Facebook or myspace replied:

I am sorry this is not a bug.

The identified Shreateh then created the decision to increase his business presentation by publishing to Zuckerberg’s own schedule.

Dear Mark Zuckerberg,

First sorry for breaking your privacy and post to your wall , i has no other choice to make after all the reports i sent to Facebook team.

My name is KHALIL, from Palestine .

couple days ago i discovered a serious Facebook exploit that allow users to post to other Facebook users timeline while they are not in friend list .

i report that exploit twice , first time i got a replay that my link has an error while opening , other replay i got was ” sorry this is not a bug ” . both reports i sent from , and as you see iam not in your friend list and yet i can post to your timeline .
“Minutes” after publishing, he was approached by a Facebook or myspace protection professional, Ola Okelola, who requested for more details about the manipulate. According to Shreateh he then had his consideration revoked (it has since been reinstated).

He also published this movie, displaying his exploit:

An professional on Facebook’s protection group, He Jackson, said Facebook or myspace set the bug on Friday but confessed that it should, perhaps, have requested Shreateh for more details.

He managed, however, that Shreateh is not eligible to a bug resources because he breached Facebook’s whitehat circumstances and circumstances and accountable disclosure plan.

OK – so I perform on a protection group at Facebook or myspace and sometimes help with examining Whitehat reviews. To be obvious, we set this bug on Friday. The OP is appropriate that we should have requested for extra repro guidelines after his preliminary review. Unfortunately, all he presented was a weblink to the publish he would already created (on a actual consideration whose approval he did not have – breaking our ToS and accountable disclosure policy), saying that “the bug allow facebook customers to discuss hyperlinks to other facebook users”. Had he involved it clip [he created to show the exploit] originally, we would have captured this much more easily …… However, the more essential problem here is with how the bug was confirmed using the records of actual individuals without their authorization. Taking advantage of insects to effect actual customers is not appropriate actions for a white-colored hat. We allow scientists to create analyze records here: to help accomplish accountable analysis and examining. In this situation, the specialist used the bug he found to publish on the timeframes of several customers without their approval.

Even if Shreateh considered he was exposing the weeknesses in a accountable way, Facebook’s bug resources circumstances are obvious

Let’s wish that he won’t have been put off looking for other weaknesses later on, but that when he will create sure he sensibly reveals the bug and can then appreciate enjoying the bug resources benefits.

Liss Teen USA 2013 – sextortionist compromised web camera to click bedroom photos

Recently crowned Skip Teenager USA Cassidy Hair is supposedly the newest sufferer of sextortion.According to the LA Periods, the Government Institution of Research (FBI) verified on Wed that it’s analyzing statements by Hair and other women who say that their webcams were affected, images or movie were taken surreptitiously, and that the cyberpunk or online hackers then required money in return for maintaining the images out of community disclosure.

Wolf, of Lemon Nation, Florida, was Skip Florida Teenager USA before successful the Skip Teenager USA contest over the few days at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas.19-year-old Ms. Hair has informed journalists that prior to being crowned, she obtained an confidential e-mail from someone who stated to have naked images of her, taken via the web photographic camera on her computer.

Wolf informed These days Information that about four months ago, Facebook or myspace informed her about somebody trying to log into her account from another state.She then obtained an e-mail saying that the individual had images of her taken in her bed room via her pc’s affected web photographic camera. The individual, who hasn’t been known as in the continuous federal investigation, tried to extort her in return for maintaining the images from being published.

As if daily web photographic camera coughing weren’t surprising enough, this case obviously includes a web photographic camera that was affected without the identifying photographic camera mild arriving on to indicate that it was documenting.

This is how Ms Hair informs it:

“I wasn’t aware that somebody was viewing me [on my webcam]. The [camera] mild didn’t even go on, so I had no concept.”

Is that possible? Can webcams be rigged so as to record without the mild arriving on?Sophos Mature Protection Consultant Chester Wisniewski has considered the issue, and he says it depends:

“Some notebooks allow you to convert the mild on and off in application, others only perform actually. I think it is certainly possible, if unlikely.”

But if it’s unlikely to experience a web photographic camera coughing that controls to convert off the digital camera’s “on” mild, simply old vanilla flavor web photographic camera coughing that results in the mild on isn’t very unlikely at all.In fact, as the BBC revealed in July, there’s a successful underground for access to computer systems whose webcams have been affected.

Stolen web photographic camera movie of women cost $1 per “slave,” as they’re known as. Thieved movie of men slaves goes for $1/100 slaves.As for Ms. Hair, she has converted her stated victimization into a campaign. These days Information reviews that after she was known as Skip Florida, she visited to educational institutions to increase attention about cybercrime among teenagers.

Her advice to teenagers is to regularly clear their surfing around record and modify their security password into something difficult to think.She’s estimated by Worldwide Business Periods on security password hygiene:

“I had the same security password for years. But now seeing that someone can break into my things just by installing an wrong link, it’s very important to modify your security passwords, remove your biscuits.”

Having a safe security password is absolutely the right way to go. Here’s one way to create one.I would also recommend to Ms. Hair that if she is not informing teenagers this already, to please desire them against using the same security password on several sites.And since several hard-to-crack security passwords can be challenging to disagree, Ms. Hair also might want to recommend the use of an internet security password administrator, such as KeePass, 1Password or LastPass.

Webcam. Picture complimentary of Shutterstock When we review on web photographic camera neighbor’s at Undressed Protection, we generally tell customers to keep an eye on the mild. That, surprisingly, won’t stop distant online hackers of webcams who handle to convert off the photographic camera mild via obtaining its application.

But given that, as Chet notices, such a break is unlikely, it’s still a wise decision to keep an eye on the mild. Better still, cover it with a spot – a small piece of dark record, say, or a tag or bandage – when you’re not using the photographic camera.Ms. Hair, for her part, has said that she is ready for another strike by placing a tag over her web photographic camera when it’s not in use.

Nice going on your cybercrime protection knowledge perform, Ms. Hair, and best of fortune with your continuous research, be it with your dearest jazz music dance or the hair-raising world of cybercrime.

Fake Celebrity Twitter Accounts Circulate Royal Baby Spam

Celebrities Kim Kardashian and Taylor got unique access the first images of the elegant kid, if you believe the fake hyperlinks that have already been retweeted many, many times on Tweets. The congratulatory twitter posts that the truth TV celebrity and the nation musician have apparently sent to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of their first child on the beginning of their first kid are losing two things: first, they are not coming from confirmed Tweets records and second, the hyperlinks do not lead to images of the kid. Neither the beginning, the sex, nor the name of the kid have been declared as of the time of this publish.