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Crimes of Persuasion

Crimes of Persuasion
Name : Crimes of Persuasion
Publisher : Coyote Ridge Publishing
Author Name : Les Henderson
Released on : 13-05-03
Version : 2nd edition
Available Library : : Oakland Community College, Toronto Public Library

About Author Les Henderson

Les Henderson is the webmaster of Crimes of Persuasion, and a consumer-fraud author. Henderson published two books, "Crimes of Persuasion" and "Under Investigation". Crimes of Persuasion describes about schemes, scams and frauds. Henderson's second book.

About Crimes of Persuasion
Crimes of Persuasion provides information about white collar crimes such as bank fraud, internet fraud, phone scams, chain letters, modeling agency and Nigerian scams, computer fraud and telemarketing fraud. Itís mission is to reduce the impact of spams and spam victims.

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