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Alina Kravchenko

Scammer Alina Kravchenko
: Alina Kravchenko
: 31
Mail Id
: Kharkiv
: Kharkivs'ka Oblast'
: Ukraine
Scammer Report
I am a single male from the United States. I am forty six years old. I am the CTO for a company called that specializes in aggregating public record information in the U.S. My name is Peter Snowden and i am a former client of The money was sent as follows: There were two incidents. The money was sent to Alina Kravchenko. I can produce Western Union Receipts for this if you wish. I met Alina Kravchenko on the Elenas Models site during June of 2005. We corresponded for a couple of months by phone then I traveled to the Ukraine to see her. We seemed to hit it off and at this point I asked her to marry me. She accepted. During the ensuing months we continued our correspondence. I hired an immigration attorney to facilitate a K-1 fiancé Visa. All aspects of this seemed to be moving along. She aggregated the proper documentation and her application was submitted. Over the next few months she told me that she was working at a dead end job and was making very little money. I offered to give her money so that she could quit her job and find something better. I sent her $400.I called her in a few days and asked her how her job search was going. She exclaimed that she had spent the money on winter clothes and this was important in her culture to look her best. I sent her an additional $1500 so she could quit her job, look for better work or support herself in Kiev(the city she was living in at this period) until such time as the Visa process concluded. She did quit her job but used the money to travel. She took a trip to Moscow and claimed that she gave some of it to her family. Soon after this she told me that she was going to move to Moscow in order to find work. I was against this and our immigration attorney was as well but claimed that she could probably get away with this if it was only for a couple of months. Once she moved to Moscow our correspondences became very ambiguous and less frequent. She claimed that the internet café was very far from where she was living and that she could not speak with me on the phone because it cost her money(I was paying for this phone). The Visa processed changed and our attorney advised that she needed to move back to the Ukraine in order to avoid possible delays. I spoke with her about this and she became very defensive and refused to move back to her native country even after being emailed by our attorney that she needed to move back to her country of origin as soon as possible. I sent her an email proclaiming that I felt I was loosing her and she responded in that I spend too much attention on her, she needed her freedom and that gifts of money are normal in her country and if I was to be with her I would not remind her of this and it was not a lot of money considering the American lifestyle. I spoke with her soon after this when she was back in the Ukraine over the Christmas holidays. We seemed to be working things out. What happened next confirmed her intentions. Several months before we had agreed to remove our profiles from the Elenas Models site. I accessed this site recently and it confirmed that she was recently active.

Scammer Letters
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