The Recorded scam Video of Christina Aguilera spreads virally on Face book

Another day, another click jacking scam on Face book. This positively seem to be flattering a victorious model for scammers who want to earn some cash – and while it’s operational so well, why should they modify their method?

The latest scam which blameless Face book user are being tricked into click on involve a communication about singer and actress Christina Aguilera, who previous this week was under arrest in Hollywood. Though Aguilera was later released, and told that she would not be charged, her boyfriend Matthew Rutler faces a drink-driving charge.

Here’s what the scam looks like when one of your Face book friends falls for it:

WTF! I just saw a movie how Christina Aguilera got arrested which was a minute ago!! –> [LINK]

SHOCK! SICK! I just saw a movie how Christina Aguilera got arrested which was a minute ago!! –> [LINK]

WICKED! I just saw a movie how Christina Aguilera got arrested which happened minutes ago!! –> [LINK]

As you’re so paying attention in watching Christina Aguilera the worse-for-wear with drink, you strength not be indecisive to click on the video thumbnail. However, your click is being noiselessly clicked jacked into telling Face book that you “Like” the webpage (thus spreading the scam virally) and you are obtainable with a review which – if you total it – will earn charge for the scammers.

A browser plug-in like No Script can stop the click jacking from captivating place, but if you’re not running amazing like that or not sheltered with software like Sophos then you may be ignorant that you have reach a click jacking page.

For many populace who have left themselves defenseless, however, the injure is done and you have helped the bad guys increase their scam across Face book.

Your Face book outline has been efficient to say that you “Like” the video, and your associates may also now be tempt into clicking on the link.

If you chop for the scam, you should clean-up your Face book page as quickly as possible. providentially it’s not that difficult to take away the post from your news feed and dissimilar the page.

Make sure that you stay knowledgeable concerning the newest scams dispersion fast across Face book and other internet attack. Join the Sophos Face book page, where more than 60,000 people frequently share information on intimidation and discuss the latest security news.

You could also do a lot inferior than check out our best practices for improved privacy and security on Face book guide.

Be Aware on ‘Paramore n-a-k-ed photo leaked!’ Face book linkage

Rationalized Many Face book users are being strike by further click jacking attacks nowadays, captivating improvement of the social network’s “Like” facility. The newest entice is a link which claim to point to a website contain a bare photo of Hayley Williams,the escort singer of the American rock band Paramore.

Exaggerated profiles can be identified by seeing that the Face book user has it seems that “liked” a link:

Paramore n-a-k-ed photo leaked!

The fact that 21-year-old Hayley Williams has lately been the subject of much internet interest after a topless photo of her was leaked online is only likely to fuel attention in the naked pictures promised by these links. But take care, because all may not be what it seems. Clicking on the links takes Face book users to a third-party website which displays a message saying:

Click here to continue if you are 18 years of age or above

What the hackers have really done is very devious. They have concealed an invisible push button under your mouse, so wherever you click on the website your mouse-press is hijack. As a result, when you click with the mouse you’re also clandestinely clicking on a button which tells Face book that you ‘like’ the webpage.

This then gets available on your own Face book page, and shared with your online friends, resulting in the link spreading virally. Attacks like this can increase very fast. Judge by the number of post I’ve seen, thousands have already found it impossible to resist the idea of seeing the lead singer of Paramore naked and have fallen head-first into the “like jacking” trap.

This use of a click jacking exploit to publish the same message (via an invisible frame) to the visiting user’s own Face book page works in a similar fashion to the click jacking attacks we saw earlier this week. It’s clear that Face book needs to tighten up the way it handles the ‘liking’ of external WebPages before it is even more widely abused by hateful hackers and spammers.

If you consider you may have been strike by this attack, view the fresh movement on your news feed and erase entries related to the above links. Furthermore, you ought to view your profile, click on your Info tab and remove any of the pages from your “Likes and interests” section. If you’re a usual user of Face book, you should join the Sophos page on Face book to be kept knowledgeable of the latest security threats.

And, please, if you have Face book friends or associates that have fall foul of this attack please care them about it, and suggest that they click a small more carefully in future. Update fascinatingly, the same third-party website hosting the “Paramore naked photo” click jacking assault is also carrying another webpage containing a click jacking assault connected to teen heart-throb live feeling Justin Bieber.

If you click on a Face book “like” link declaring

Justin Biebers Phone Number Leaked!

Then you may find physically taken to a webpage which says “Click here to continue”.

If you do click then you will have your mouse-press hijacked (declaring to all of your Face book friends that you “Like” “Justin Bieber’s Phone Number Leaked!”) and you will be obtainable with what is claim to be Justin Bieber’s phone number and speak to in Florida.I have no method of effective if the phone number and address are real, and I don’t think it’s suitable to share them regardless, so I’ve pixilated them out in the screenshot above.

Of course, it’s not the first time we’ve seen Justin Bieber’s popularity exploited by cybercriminals.

Vanished all esteem for Emma Watson? Face book click jacking assault spreads virally

Emma Watson, the actress who plays the fraction of Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies, has establish herself the topic of a click jacking scam on Face book.

User of the social network have seen mail posted by their online friends claiming to have misplaced all respect for Emma Watson, after surveillance a video starring the young actress.

I mislaid all respect for Emma Watson when I seen this video! Outrageous!
Other versions may read:I lost all admiration for Emma Watson when I saw this video! Outrageous!

If you’re inquisitive sufficient to click on the link, your browser will be taken to a webpage which pretend to be a YouTube-style video site called FbVideo.

If you’ve got this far, you’ll almost certainly be tempted to tick to view the video. However, like the many click jacking attack we saw on Face book, you will be imperceptibly clicking on a “Like” button without your information, sharing the link further with your friends.

The page is intended to display a survey scam, which both earns money for the scammers and can trick you into handing over your mobile phone number to sign you up for a premium rate SMS service.You can protect yourself from click jacking threats like this by using browser plug-in such as No Script for Firefox.

But wouldn’t it be great if Face book required users to confirm that they wished to “Like” a webpage? That would make scams like have a harder time spreading virally via the social network.

By the way, other versions of the scam are using the names of Miley Cyrus.

If you find you have accidentally “Liked” an offending webpage, remove references to it from your wall and check your profile settings.

As Chet pointed out with a similarly-themed Justin Bieber clickjacking scam on Facebook, it can also make sense to logout from Facebook when you are not actively using it to reduce the probability of you being tricked into “Liking” things you don’t really like.

Charlie Sheen confine Hoax – Tweet Was support No confine Hired

It was approximately one week ago that millions of people were told that Charlie Sheen was hiring a marketing intern to aid Sheen with his online social networking; this buzz came as a result of a tweet on Charlie Sheen’s Twitter account that turned out to be nothing more than a Twitter endorsement for

The national media took to the story of Charlie Sheen’s detain and the word spread like wildfire which only gained sheen more of a following and achieved more click-trough via Sheen’s endorsement tweet. A click-through is every time an important person clicks on the link on Sheen’s tweet. Many companies, organizations and websites are now paying celebrity and highly follow people on twitter to promote their product or service, and the more people that click on that endorsed link, the additional money that celebrity or extremely followed people will earn. refuse to comment on just how much Charlie Sheen earned as a result of redistribution the endorsement tweet on They did corroborate that it was the uppermost paid tweet in the past and that can only lead us to consider that Sheen’s earnings are in excess of $50,000 since that was the preceding record earnings for an endorsement tweet based on compensation for a specified amount for each click-through.

Charlie Sheen and said that Sheen’s intern would be announced by March 12th, 2011 and to no surprise there was no mention of which Charlie Sheen’s intern is. This just tells us that indeed this was not anything more than an advertisement that Sheen posted via twitter because of his high quantity of followers and he never had intention on hiring an intern to begin with. Having such a obviously high following, who would think that he would want someone to get him more followers anyways, he is doing a good enough job at this on his own.

Perhaps Charlie Sheen should employ a big shot to get him out of the hole that he is digging with this highly buzzed hoax? This story is once again taking Charlie Sheen from Hollywood Fame to Hollywood Shame as the most important Hall of Shamer.

While Charlie Sheen’s Twitter post for a jail may have been a trick and severely a publicity blitz, he is not doing as bad as some people may think. Charlie Sheen newly landed a movie deal as a foremost role in Major League 3 , and Sheen has also just launched a tour for his stage presentation resulting from his Upstream broadcasts Are you a Charlie Sheen follower on Twitter? Have you clicked on any of his links, visited websites that he has mentioned like the comedy website post he tweeter of Funny or Die  or maybe you have recently gone to his own new website that he has been mentioning where he is selling products of his celebrity meltdown and tickets to his upcoming shows.

May be you enjoy following him and ongoing to support his madness while making him more money as you are struggling to hold onto your own?

Facebook Scammers’ New Techniques to make money

Now-a-days social networking media became very popular among the youths, as technology growing the illegal things also going on..As day today life people get easily scammed. This blog gives you the details about the face book user who got fooled by a fake link

Face book user were entice into clicking links that apparently led to a sex video featuring actress Fiona Xie , but were in its place fooled into scattering the link.

A original scam that tries to attract users of social networking site Face book into clicking ‘like’ on a page promising sex videos of former MediaCorp artist Fiona Xie has surfaced.

The scam, which appeared quite a few times ago, is the initial such scam to feature a local celebrity, and features a picture of the bosomy 29-year-old beauty sitting in a bathtub, together with the tagline asking:

‘Fiona Xie. Is she actually as innocent as she looks?’ Those who click the ‘like’ button, are promised personal sexual videos of famous Singapore celebrities here. Only enter if you are 18 years old and above.’

The person, who clicks, won’t come across any sex videos of Ms Xie, ranked the world’s 13th sexiest woman by lad-mag FHM in 2009, or any other local celebrity. There is, said security firm Sophos’ senior technology consultant Graham Cluley, just a survey to complete.

This is the cause for the scam, as the scammers create money for each survey completed, he added. Victims may also discover themselves in for some humiliation; since their activities would be transmit to all their Facebook links. It is also how the scam is perpetuated, with one hapless victim plugging the scam to his Facebook friends in hopes that they too will click on it and extend it to their contacts.

The good news is that this is the boundary of the damage for this particular ‘click-jacking’ scam, as the bug is recognized in security parlance.