Identifying a Fraudulent Leader

Analysts have more than the years, admitted that corruption has been the bane of Nigeria’s political, social and economic development. Famous authors like the late Professor Chinua Achebe in his book titled The Trouble with Nigeria, blamed leadership for the woes of the country.


However, a society gets the leader it deserves as leadership is an invention of followership, particularly under a democratic system of government. On this premise, it would be correct to say that a good leader was a good follower before presumptuous a leadership position and therefore, developed good leadership behavior as a follower and not after assuming leadership role. This implies that it is possible to identify someone that could be a good leader at the level of followership.

The Longman English Dictionary defines the word ‘leader’ as “the individual who is in charge of a group, organization or country, etc.” The word ‘corruption’ is defined as “dishonest or dishonest behavior, especially by people with power.”

A certain African proverb says that it is hard to learn how to be a left hand user at adulthood. In this situation, it is a good follower that can probably evolve into a good leader. So, it is possible to recognize a follower who is most likely to be a bad leader if the opportunity emerges. Identifying a Nigerian citizen and resident who is likely to be a extremely corrupt leader if he or she assumes a leadership position is a easy task.

The bank customer who walks into the bank, sees a long queue he have to join, despises the queue and walks directly to the counter, seeking to be attended to before others, is fraudulent and self-centred and will make a very bad leader if given a leadership position. A job applicant who falsifies his age in order to get the job is a dishonest and potential corrupt leader.

A nuclear family member, who is given an amount of money to share with blood brothers and sisters, and he or she keeps the money all to his/herself, will be too corrupt to be given a public office to beginning. The parent that encourages his or her child to get concerned in examination malpractices or Advanced Fee Fraud (419) will be an adversity if such parent assumes headship of a public office.

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