Megan Fox First Celebrity Death Hoax of 2013

With 2013 hardly 48 time old, Twitter posts saw “RIP Megan Fox” popular. She now has the difference of being the first superstar loss of life scam of the season. And yes, it’s just a scam.

Fortunately, as opposed to most of the superstar loss of life scams this season, most customers did not take the lure and instantly ignored the gossip. Actually, “RIP Megan Fox” became the buttocks of many humor throughout the night. Here are a few option tweets we identified soon after the scam started to trend:

Twitter: eliminating individuals since 2006 …RIP Megan Fox
Breaking News : RIP Megan Fox is now popular. Excellent job twitter it only took you 48 time to declare your first victim
Why are individuals always eliminating superstars on twitter? R.I.P megan fox?
I’d see individuals saying something like ” I’d like to RIP Megan Fox ‘s clothing off” but not RIP Megan Fox.

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