Mikhail Gorbachev Death – Twitter Fake News

A recently created Twitter account Fredrick Reinfeldt just an hour before has spread the false news yesterday about the Mikhail Gorbachev death.

On visiting this twitter account many users began to repeat the news of Former Soviet Union president death


Fredrick Reinfeldt account also posted that the published news is belong to the Prime Minister of Sweden.

As the false news in twitter of this month about the death of Margaret Thatcher, the news of Gorbachev death is also proved to be one of the entirely idiotic fake news.

Twitter once again proves that it is the best social media in spreading false news fast.

Facebook Scammers – Latest Target is Rihanna

Facebook Scammers like to share the fake link to get traffic towards their certain sites. They mostly use to share the fake link about celebrities like Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera, Charlie Sheen, Justin Beiber, MIley Cyrus and Emma Watson. Now their latest target is Rihanna.

The link about her sex video are spread on facebook right now along with messages like “OMG – I just hate RIHANNA after watching this video”, “you will lost your all respect for RIHANNA after watching this.” This is the way the facebook scammers make money. They also told all their visitors to share this link to all facebook friends.

Avoid click on everything that your friends share on facebook. Report it if you observe a scam like this single and make sure that you is not spreading this scam in your wall. Soon clean up like this scam message and it’s better to have the facebook security.

Counterfeit news- Margaret Thatcher was dead

Forged news: Carla Bruni publicized in her twitter account that Margaret Thatcher dead. This news stretched like wildfire all over the world. This news which is announced in twitter is utterly false news. Yes, the former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher is still alive.

The followers of twitter who has the fake account were told that the British ambassador informed the French presidency about the death of the Margaret Thatcher.

In the case British prime minister truly dead, the spam news will be first announce by British not from French.

Sadly, @Lesnews incorrectly statement the death of former British prime minister yesterday evening that causes rumors of her death to clean across the overhaul, but oddly no corroboration from some other news exits.

Media organization is stressed to manage in a world where news shatters in a moment, and stretched all over the world by means of Twitter