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Nigerian Spam » Nigerian Scam Mail Archives » Nigerian Scam Mail Archives 2005

Nigerian Scam Mail Archives 2005

Scam mail from: Thomas Mbeki

Date: Aug 9, 2005 9:13 AM
TEL: +27-732-390-210
FAX: +27-115-075-019

Dear Sir,

My name is Thomas Mbeki an executive member of the South African tender’s board committee of the Department of Minerals and Energy.The intention of this letter is to ask for your co-operation in claiming payment, which has been afloat in a suspense account of the Department. The source of this money now valued at US$15 million was an investment interest, purchased originally by one Mr. Tom. A. Leinback in 1980 and leased to the South African Department of Minerals and Energy. Since the maturity of the investment in September 2000, several attempts have been made to contact the Beneficiary or his next of kin or any of his closed relative [in whose favor the cash value of the investment can be paid] without any success. Recent report and findings finally revealed that Mr. Tom is deceased.

Furthermore, my colleagues and I are in charge of monies owed to overseas beneficiaries by the ministry and we have initiated a process to file a claim for the matured cash valued US$15 million of the investment by the late Mr. Tom, in hopes of transferring the money oversea into your trust for us If we can come to an ‘agreement’ my partners can successfully initiate a claim for the US$15 million claiming that you are a relative of the deceased and that you are appointed heir beneficiary of his investments. If the claim is approved, you will be paid the total sum of the cash investment.

However, be rest assured that there is absolutely nothing to worry about with respect to this claim, it is perfectly safe with no risk involved. It is secured from further inquires, as the tenders board committee is given the powers by the laws of the Republic of South Africa to investigate and verify claims for the payment to overseas beneficiaries. Upon our recommendation, your claim will be approved for onward payment to you. You will not be required to travel to South Africa to process the claim yourself,I and my colleagues will handle all relevant issues on your behalf.

The money will be paid into an oversea’s bank account that you will nominate.As public servant in our country are not allowed to operate and own foreigne bank account. I strongly assure you that we are in the position to make this payment possible hence we have your full co-operation and guarantee that our money will be safe in your possession.If my proposal is acceptable to you. Please you can reach me at the above email address or my personal telephone or fax number as stated above. I urgently anticipate your quick reply. After hearing from you, I shall bring you to a better understanding of this great opportunity and inform you about the information needed from you, to file the claim and conclude the payment transfer to you.

Please this letter is for your eyes only and I plead for your complete confidentiality and secrecy about this transaction for we are highly placed officers in my country.On receipt of your reply we shall discuss and agree on how to conpensate you for your assistance and participation.

Sincerely yours,
Thomas Mbeki.





















































































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