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Mrs. Rita Shaik

From: <>
Date: Jul 9, 2005 3:00 AM
Subject: Urgent Reply,
Dear Friend,

I am the wife of Mr. Schabir Shaik formerly financial advisor of Former South African deputy president Jacob Zuma, who was dismissed of his deputy by President Thabo Mbeki for his involvement in financial crime with my husband Shaik who was sentenced to an effective 15 years in prison for his crimes about two weeks ago, due to his relationship between Jacob Zuma. This involved sums of money that run into the tens and hundreds of millions and beyond, In the Oilgate scandal, the ANC stands accused of funnelling million of public money from (state oil company) PetroSA, through the BEE company Imvume Management into its own coffers.

A week before the incarceration of my husband, he drove me to our country home at about 10.00 p.m in the night, took me inside our inner room and brought out two cases that was containing 16 million U.S Dollars and gave me instruction to look for a reliable person abroad and move out the money with his help and support from here to avoid the government from confisicating the money.As you may know, i want you to help me bring this money into your country and also assist me to invest it there in your country.I will give to you 20% of the total money as benefit for your help and support.If on the other hand this transaction does not interest you, please kindly do not disclose it to somebody else because of my own personal security here in South Africa.A prompt response would be highly appreiciated.
Thank You.
Best Regards,
Mrs. Rita Shaik

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