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Viola Lyon

From: Viola Lyon <>
Date: Sep 15, 2006 10:19 AM
Subject: opportunist free-for-all

We are crossing the thresholdof a new era. If I had my way,Id order him put up against a wall and shot! No one can tell whattrials await us, and the world will do little to assuage our agony. We send all suchpersons to a detention-camp and keep them there. I recall an amusing instance on this point. In that case we lay the idea aside,to be tried again under more favorable circumstances. But I assure youthat their surroundings arent bad. As Nora Wainaptly puts it, he has the daily-dozen-followed-by-a-cold-showerlook. Too bad I didnt know about it, said Himmler. I certainly want you toget a glimpse of my men before you leave. Up to that time the Party was fighting for its very life andevery recruit was welcome.

The Nazi Folk or People differs fromthe traditional nation both in time and in space. Both of these Nazi jurisprudence throwsinto the discard. Then and there hesketched out his idea of what the new swimming-hall should be. Other doors, though shut, are not locked. The buildings are old, though well kept up. Forinstance, take a man like Pastor Niemoeller? I nodded sympathetically andsaid, That sounds reasonable. Like everyone else, the business man is in the army now. The buildings are old, though well kept up. He then returnedbriefly to the subject of his S. Taxation plusprice-controls make it hard for any business to pay more than that. At that point, a smart young aideentered and saluted. That explains the intense anger of most Nazis toward PastorNiemoeller.

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