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Sally Blackburn

From: Sally Blackburn <>
Date: Aug 24, 2006 4:58 PM
Subject: brat

AndRhetts embraces coarsened her, brutalized her! It was not lost onMelanie that Rhetts conduct had gone far toward redeeming him inMammys eyes. I cant work convicts like Johnnie Gallegher. Ah wouldn swap disyere gal fer a bakersdozen of boys. They had made a bargain and shewas quite pleased with her side of the bargain. No one caredanything about him any more, not even Aunt Melly or Uncle Rhett. To one person in the house it was not a happy day. Wade went dancing out happily, calling to Pork, and Rhett picked upthe baby again. Mist Rhett, Miss Scarlett wuz bad ter tell you dat! If I wanted you, no lock would keep me out. Did you have a good time at those parties? At thatmoment, Mammy entered the dining room. Uncle Rhett, he began, do people like girls better than boys? His face hardened slightly and his eyes became blank. Ah wouldn swap disyere gal fer a bakersdozen of boys. Mammy giggled and switched till her huge bulk shook.

Three children were enough for any woman to have. She sat up in his lap and stared into his face with frank curiosity. Well, you can go to see anyone you want to. If he was waiting for words from her, these were not the words hewanted. And, if she waslucky, she might see him alone. Oh, how wicked I am, shethought guiltily. To one person in the house it was not a happy day. But she wouldnot, she told him firmly, have any trashy free issue niggers inher nursery.

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