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Hilda Duran

From: Hilda Duran <>
Date: Sep 2, 2006 11:07 PM
Subject: perversion

Hisright hand was raised to the door-post; his left, resting on hiship. Emily, if I were dead and Perry came and looked at me Id liveagain. I suppose she wont wipe HIS kisses off, said Uncle Wallace. Perry was never really in love with me, said Emily. It was becomingan accepted thing in the clan that Emily would not marry. Immortal, indestructible beauty beyond all the stain and blur ofmortal passion. My one thought was to see Perry once before he died. Year after year the seasons walked by her door. Life ran again in its old accustomedgrooves. Daff, said Emily wearily, youre the only thing in the worldthat stays put. But I didnt think about Teddy atall when I heard Aunt Ida say Perry was killed. Ah, now, thats something like, said Old Kelly approvingly. Think what a scandalthered have been then when Aunt Ida arrived. That housemust not be disappointed again.

The individual destinies connected with it had merely wovenarabesques around it. Despite theseefforts, the Projects eBooks and any medium they may be on may containDefects. Could ANYTHING really make that girl FEEL? We do NOT keep any eBooks in compliance with a particularpaper edition. And I dont even mindif Aunt Janie is praying for me. Chapter XXVIIIIt came clearly and suddenly on the air of a June evening. Butthe wedding-feast was hardly a success.

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