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Cordelia Snyder

From: Cordelia Snyder <>
Date: Oct 21, 2006 12:39 PM
Subject: force-feed false

Hey, it could be this minute as I'm writing to you! Maybe my house, and my bank account, will get bigger, too. We also are both suckers, with big hearts for the down-and-out. He's eating like crazy, and he has this special sense of zen that is all his own. I rarely drink enough water, partly because I'm lazy. Larissa has a beautiful post about wistfulness, and Saudade, "a nostalgia for a fleeting beauty as it passes. did I mention I quote Gerard Manley Hopkins from memory? But I can never do it all. Both of us have been known to linger over that part in the local newspaper that shows the foster children who are in need of adoption. I'm vastly better with older children. We're into eating and talking about our real feelings about things and just helping each other get through the isolating time that is mamahood.

It didn't seem like a big deal at the time; people were busy, three of the moms had three children at home now, and I know that's a lot to handle. The birth was frustrating, glorious, painful and joyful. I learned that my Grandpa had been a naval radar instructor in Hawaii during World War II. For my friends who come here to stay in touch with my life, I love you guys! Truman and I are still recovering in Emanuel hospital as I write this. My missive that went something like, "hey, I need you guys, what's going on? We had to bring his cup to the store with us and put him in the stroller because he couldn't be slowed down by the putting on of sandals. She told me how badly she'd felt when she'd left Sebastian to cry so she could finish a crafty project.

We had to bring his cup to the store with us and put him in the stroller because he couldn't be slowed down by the putting on of sandals. It was true my junior year in high school, it's true now. Unhelpful are huge portions of the same thing, even if mama loves is - a gigantic vat of chili, or a family-sized double pan of lasagne. Now that I'm doing it all again, I need to let go of that. At the farmer's market, as I furiously spent money and gathered fresh-made goodies, he grew more tired and impatient at every step. But I am happy, energized, thriving with my dozens of activities and responsibilities.

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