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Ann Reece

From: Ann Reece <>
Date: Aug 31, 2006 12:08 PM
Subject: camping

Mother packed it all up in a basket for us ready to go in themotor. Healways says:Today we are to have a rare treat in listening to Mr. Possessing or exhibiting grace with the personal adjective! Death of Shakespeare and beginning of the Trojan war. When engaged inconversation they dont even need to use the very words they mean. Anyone would say quite naturally, Just give that dog a kick in thefarrago and put him out. Of course youmust have strawberries, great big luscious ones with lots of creamall over them. Possessing or exhibiting grace with the personal adjective! The mania has now assumed international dimensions.

The particular ones that follow were related to me at Dogblastit. Good nails can be bought in any drugstore but seethat you are given ones with good points on them. In that shape one has a neat workable proverb. The particular ones that follow were related to me at Dogblastit. Healways says:Today we are to have a rare treat in listening to Mr. No, perhaps not atfirst, but if you will think a minute you will see it. You get a real mental friction with six men that you cantget with a large number.

In rolling over the girls pick them up by thefeet and roll them over in a ladylike way. This crossword puzzle is said to have originated in Tibet. It appears that therehave been very great difficulties at Dogblastit about this. So upon the whole, I am much inclined to doubt whether the speechesare worth while. You get eight or six men together and you can really exchangeideas. Nor are the birds, for anyone who knows the names, less interestingthan the flowers. Remember,if it starts to rain while you are working on your hutch, come inout of the wet. As a matter of fact, a more compact luncheon of, say, twenty wouldbe better still. Surely you ought not to be an adverb in three letters inthis weather. This was supposed to show that a young manwho wandered from home never got on in the world. Here are some samples that are meant to illustrate thechange.

Old words that had beenforgotten for five hundred years are being polished up as bright asnew. With regards and good wishes,Man-Lady EditorChildrens Adult Column. The mania has now assumed international dimensions. Rome was SavedEpitaph on an AttaboyEven the epitaphs on the grave stones will have to be altered. Cold in the bronchial tunnels, passages, or English name for asubway. Butthe proverb is really supposed to refer to people and then it iswrong again. But even leaving out the introduction, there are other troubles.

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