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Sampson Clayton

From: Sampson Clayton <>
Date: Sep 9, 2006 2:11 AM
Subject: respectable situation comedy

That is, provided I can do the workwell enough to satisfy Captain Cummings and Mr. She dwelt upon her loneliness and her feeling that shemust do something to keep her mind occupied. Captain Cummings turned on her like a flash. Just ask Phoebe Carleton tostep in as you go out, will you, please? She dwelt upon her loneliness and her feeling that shemust do something to keep her mind occupied. You didnt think I was through for the day, didyou? Yet the powers in this closely knit and exclusivecorporation had chosen him as their president.

Hitch up a horse and team, hesneered, to tote a little mite of a thing like that. Well, Azure, she asked, did you have a nice time at yourmissionary meeting? On Sunday mornings heusually sat in one of the rear pews at the First Church. Ten minutes later the electric bell rang. Then her senseof humor came to the rescue and she repressed the desire to retortand smiled instead. I want you tocome and have dinner with me Sunday. His comment when made was, however, grave enough. Cummings again saved her the embarrassment of replying. The bank cant take a lien on theweir, its too risky. If shes goin towork for you she might as well know what a sharper you are, DavidCummings. Seems to me I told you so in thebeginnin. No one said a word during that first inspection. And then Captain Barnabas, for the first time,caught sight of Mrs. It aint MY business to saywhats trash and what isnt. Beasley, that wed better have our little business meeting now? Fletcher is one of the kind who might stay and talkfor a week if he and I were alone.

I guess its so, Azure, she said, soothingly. Cummings, rising from the table, turnedto Miss Brewster. CHAPTER VIt was a dismal evening in the old Brewster house. She was awedand a little frightened at first by the prospect. She felt queer and alone and strangelyout of place. Mary, who was on her way to the door, paused. It aint MY business to saywhats trash and what isnt. She works down toGallups store and she has her noon at twelve. It is gettin pretty late and some of uswill have to be goin soon. And dont, with a sudden burst of impatience, standthere weeping over me as if I were in my coffin. Ive aprecious mind not to let them have that stock, after all. But when hecommences slurrin those that aint here to speak for themselves,then I speak for em. Im not hintin, shereplied, in her most ladylike manner. It was at times so airy, so loftilycondescending, that she was tempted to rebellion. I dont look as if I was anywhere else, I shouldnt imagine. I suppose he is our kind of folks,isnt he?

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