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Luke Chase

From: Luke Chase <>
Date: Jul 31, 2006 5:29 PM
Subject: flog

His onlychance was to bluff high, and, since he didnt much care whathappened to him, he succeeded. At first hechoked down the thought, but all that miserable winter it grew uponhim. But it made me feel very near the edge of the world. It took me a year to screw up my courage todo what I knew was my manifest duty. Notbeing accustomed to the pick, these were one mass of sores. I laughed to think that I had found a streak ofsuperstition in the granite John. McNee wasin his element, but Jim was no more use than a sick pup. Youdbetter put up at an hotel till you can find a flat. It had been drawn up high and dry, and its painter secured toa substantial boulder. It looked like throwing up the sponge and confessing that myexpedition had been a farce. Hisemployment was not continuous, and between jobs he must have nearlystarved.

Yousee, every moment I was becoming more childish. I cabled him a hundredpounds, and told him to come along. A host of fieldfares settled gentlyon the south part of the skerry. At that time I was pretty well read in the sagas, and had taughtmyself Icelandic for the purpose. In parts it narrowed to a few yards width, and the lowerlevels must often have been awash. Jim wasshowing a kind of courage several grades ahead of old Jonahs. It was a nasty situation, and it shook Jim out of his privatevexations. Notbeing accustomed to the pick, these were one mass of sores. The river on which the camp lay was the famous Maouchi,and twelvemiles down on the St. A host of fieldfares settled gentlyon the south part of the skerry. Once he had almost ahappy day, when he saw his first moose. IXSKULE SKERRYANTHONY HURRELLS STORYWhos there, besides foul weather? Yell maybe want to come off, he said, and the boat will maybeno be there.

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