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Griffith Noble

From: Griffith Noble <>
Date: Sep 13, 2006 11:05 AM
Subject: uncover mint

Dayafter day I sit here by myself and think until it seems as if Ishould go crazy. I cant stand it anylonger, Captain David, I want to work. He had combed it verycarefully before leaving the office, but he forgot that now. If the proud old Brewster ship must sink it might as wellgo down with all hands. But I wasnt thinkin of your goin around the world. Shefought for composure and regained it, in a measure. For instance, what do you think Azure Crisp would saywhen she found it out? That is precisely the sort of business I want to get awayfrom.

If I lose I shant be very much worse off thanI was before that extra money dropped in. She was beginning to share his embarrassment. Crispand old Captain Barnabas Cummings was of long standing. Her ideas ofwhat that something was to be were of the vaguest. Im not clever, but I wontbelieve I am quite a fool. Azure would have allowed himto knock three times before deigning to open. He took sometime to reflect before he answered. If I cant afford to live here I can scarcely afford to travel. We might raise that income ofyours a little, you know. This was his advice, the opinion she had come there to ask. I am very grateful to you for thinking of me atall.

Does me good to stretch my legs after keepin emfolded up astern of a desk most of the afternoon. I dont suppose I am competentto do anything worth while. Maybe youve been sittinhere alone too much, broodin about this and that. My half brother and I are far more like strangers than relatives. If only he had notmentioned ages and loneliness! My mind is made up and no amount of thinking canchange it. If Iwere a Beasley I should probably have been self-respecting andself-supporting long before this. I have kept one ever since,and kept it correctly. Duringthe first six weeks what she found there was pleasant. Sorry I wasntin when you traveled way down to the bank in the rain, he added. But I wasnt thinkin of your goin around the world. Nothing tocause undue excitement, but distinctly pleasant. It was still blowing a living gale of wind, he observed.

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