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From: Ed Moyer <>
Date: Sep 10, 2006 2:58 PM
Subject: clinch rugby

Its no more terrible than the killing of Ellen, her brother said, andhis voice sounded hysterical. On thedoorsill was more snow, a portion of a heel-print where a foot hadrecently trod. The rain outside seemed to increase in fury, and Charlie decided he hadhad enough of the open door. Then he shut off his light, and put it in his pocket. Delay one moment, if you will be so good, he said in Cantonese. You remember, Hughie, said the girl, I told you Id seen somebodyleaving the house. What was it he desire so eagerly to know? Kneeling, the sheriff turned the figure on the floor face up.

Breakfast ready now, announced Sing, from the rear. Ill go back to the Tavern and get the coroner, while you go and seewhats doing at Pineview. Cash had just entered with Leslie Beaton and her brother. Charlie Chan explained, watching both men alternately as he did so. Turned off, and went unerringly down the path to the rear door. But what inSam Hill will you do with yourself? I couldnt sleep very well, the girl went on. Alas, he answered, I fear that, like mylittle son Barry, I toppled in sleep on to my books. You walked the two miles or more from the Tavern? Breakfast ready now, announced Sing, from the rear.

What was it he desire so eagerly to know? It is nothing, Charlie replied soothingly. Do you not long toreturn to China, ancient one? Charlie stoodlooking after him, his eyes narrowed, his face very thoughtful. By golly, thats right, agreed the sheriff. Ill be glad to take care of that for you. In such case, I must raise row, or stand in rainuntil morning. He followed this trail, out of the passage into a front hall. Then somebodys inside, said Holt, in a hushed voice. Snow, I fear,has been a little too highly spoken of as aid to detectives in hour ofneed.

Ed Moyer

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