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Mr Dollie Ambrose

From: Dollie Ambrose <>
Date: Jul 31, 2006 12:59 AM
Subject: Re: Fanny news

Stock Alert for Monday 31 Jule Smart Money Equities would like to thank our valued readers for making 2006 a great year so far. Please continue to support Smart Money Equities by visiting our sponsors and featured advertisers. Company: HLV TRADING CORP NEW (HLVC.PK) Today's pick is all about *timing*. Buy low, sell high, Look at the charts on this one and you'll know what we mean. The time to get in is *now*. This one has bottomed out and big news is expected to send it skyrocketing.

Symbol: *HLVC*
Current Price: *$.018*
Short Term Target Price: *$.3*
More about the company: HLV Trading, Inc. Acquires Another Petroleum and Natural Gas Rights Today HLV Trading, Inc announced that the Company has purchased 33.3% interest petroleum and natural gas rights to another 640 acres of land in the "Foremost" Region bordered between Alberta and Montana. We here at Smart Money feel that the fundamentals of this company and the hot market sector make it a winner. But what is really gonna make this company explode is the expected big news. Watch this one go higher and higher ON Monday

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