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Mr Clementine Hoffman

From: Clementine Hoffman <>
Date: Sep 19, 2006 3:29 PM
Subject: boot

Tell me what youhave done so far and are planning to do next. My opinion in such thingsdoesnt count; I dont know anything about them. My opinion in such thingsdoesnt count; I dont know anything about them. If shehad asked he would have told her, but she did not ask. In thisworld every living soul is selfish underneath. Women are like that; they enjoy playing theLady Bountiful act. Ill be downafter supper and help with the hallelujahs. Banks had so far adhered to his resolution not to call at theTruman home. Keep them bothdangling for the present, if you can; that will be best, perhaps.

Twenty-six year old, or whatever it is, andpicked out for such an important job as this. And yet, under suchcircumstances, it is always safer. You said you didnt know whether you were or not. I dont want to die, but I give you my word Ihad rather die than be poor again. It provides this house and the wherewithalto keep it. I have taken pains to see that you had practically everythingyou wanted since you lived with me. Tell me what youhave done so far and are planning to do next.

Christopher Trent remained but a few minutes in the Truman hallafter Banks Bradfords departure. It seemed to him that her manner changed, became a little moreconstrained. Which, she said, brings us back to thequestion I asked in the beginning. Surely youmust understand what a tremendous piece of luck this is. In the intervals of hislabors he thought of her a great deal. But, Elizabeth, I am afraid we must talk, bothof us, and keep on talking for awhile. Sherose from the chair, put her arms about him and kissed him. Go on; take your bigchance and get to be the great man we all know you will be.

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