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Mail Archives - Solly Talley

From: Solly Talley <>
Date: Sep 11, 2006 4:38 AM
Subject: off-the-record

You couldnt have brought me more welcome news. Anne, you must go toElmcroft and find out why she hasnt come. FranklinWestcott has just made up his mind that Dovie is to be an old maid. She didnt know exactly how to cope withthis. And hell neverforgive me if I run away with Jarvis. Rebecca Dew, I used to think the adage, Children should be seenand not heard, entirely too harsh. But you havent got shoulder bows, said Ivy grandly. He wants to be sure of a housekeeper when Aunt Maggie dies. If I was in your shoes, Miss Shirley, Iwouldnt sleep one blessed wink tonight. But theyll just loveyou and I know theyll be angels. Are they tearing each other limb from limb? Well, do you know what MY mother woulddo to her if she did? I suppose God has some reason for making men like that, butyoud wonder.

You havent been under the thumb of Franklin Westcott all yourlife, Anne. For once in her life Miss Pamela Drake had failed to landher order. Franklin Westcott coolly picked up a pipe and began to fill it. Youve saved my face,Miss Shirley, and Im profoundly grateful to you. Suppose theywere sailing their boats in the bathtub. Why, I picked Jarvis Morrow out for Sibyl when they were kids. Ill give you just ten minutes to get dressed! Are they tearing each other limb from limb? Why, I picked Jarvis Morrow out for Sibyl when they were kids. Ill give you just ten minutes to get dressed! Jarvis told Anne triumphantly that Dovie had yielded at last. Long weeks of airs andcondescensions from Ivy had been avenged. I wish I was tall andslim and pale, like you, Anne. Dovie and Jarviswere already fathoms deep in love. He isnt going to let you playindefinitely with his life.

That soundslike a remark Rebecca Dew would make, but its quite true. Raymond,whatever she lacked in some respects, had fairly sensible ideasabout dressing children. Rebecca Dew poked an alarmed head out of herbedroom door. I wish I could take little Elizabeth for a walk. Never would she give him the satisfaction of seeing that shewas afraid of his dog. Dovie herself slipped into Windy Poplars a few evenings later toconsult Anne. Im sure YOU wouldnt advise meto take any step that was wrong. LOOK at thatengraving of the cassowary, Miss Shirley. On the hall floor was atwisting, writhing, biting, tearing, scratching mass.

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