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Mail Archives - Marcus Rose

From: Marcus Rose <>
Date: Sep 14, 2006 12:05 PM
Subject: sickness

Thats how some of us got to know what you were like. I read it because I wantto know what its about. Benson worked for money andhe made plenty of mistakes. If that could happen to a mechanicin Norway, it could happen to a mechanic in Seattle. That was just lastweek when we got the changed specifications. We have not been afraid ofhearing both sides of a question.How much milk are your soldiers gettingon the Russian front? Your workers only work forty hours a week. And, when he figured he owed the United States adebt, for value received, he paid it.

My trades are many but now rag peddling is my onlydesire. I will raise two hogs for theboys in service, one for myself. My hands are getting stiff but I can still milk. NARRATOR: How about it, Production, Inspection, Engineering? He got up on hishind feet instead and said Lets go! Six million farms and over in this country, last census. But Pearl Harborand the way those Japanese beetles acted just touched it off. All unions are now a part of the Labor Front. Were back of thePresident and back of the government. Its in the plants and on the freight cars and trucks.

Over here, a union buttons a union button. The Major andI will pick up something, somewhere. Im talking about every union man inthis country. I guess theyre all right, as advertising. You were making tankswhile we were making pleasure cars. Food for the boys like my boy in his soldier clothes. When I let loose intolerance, whether it be ofrace, creed or class, I am letting loose a tiger. Eleven million union men are against you, Adolf. That was a harder thing to do than any of us are called uponto do today. I can do my work fast and efficiently for two goodreasons.

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