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Mail Archives - Katharine Slaughter

From: Katharine Slaughter <>
Date: Aug 30, 2006 7:48 AM
Subject: endlessly addicted

When they satdown to lunch, she announced what she believed to be good news. Lucy spent the morning tramping about in the storm on errands forPauline. The Bohemian Girl isa little old-fashioned, maybe, but its very nice. There was a manunderneath all those layers of caution; he wasnt tame at the core. Then he lit a cigar and with a long sighsettled deep into his chair. I suppose I feel that way, Lucy said as she went up the backstairs. Perhaps some day they would be friends again. But Harry had sprung too many surprises on him.

If withall your heart you truly seek Him, you shall ever surely find Him. It was almost too coldto skate; and there would be the long walk home. Pauline was delighted to see Lucy so like herself again. Such things will get out,and Fairy isnt one to keep them. Then heasked his friend the tailor to go with him for a sleigh-ride. She musthave taken some other road, or gone to pay a call at one of thefarms. When I wasteaching I had to be decently dressed. By four oclock the graveyard was black with automobiles andpeople. She was a fair-skinned woman,slender and graceful, but far from young. Milton came, and Harry stepped aside and motioned him to thewindow. After she was a mile outof town, not a single sleigh or wagon passed her.

Without looking or thinking she struck toward the centre forsmoother ice. Chess had become one of his fixed habits. That was probablythe happiest period of her life; she was a born woman of affairs. The bank sold Nick Wakefield out, but on terms more lenient thanMilton Chase thought proper. I cant go to the funeral; Im not hypocrite enough. The country looked very dreary, certainly. The country looked very dreary, certainly. Died trying to save a lame man, thepaper said. And in business Gordon was moreconsistent. If there was anyone in Haverford who could tell her, it would beHarry Gordon. There was never anything to make one leap beyondoneself or to carry one away.

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