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Mail Archives - Jessie Mayo

From: Jessie Mayo <>
Date: Oct 5, 2006 7:32 PM
Subject: simplification

While the conference logistics can be quirky at times the content is top notch. I am speaking at the Patterns and Practices Summit and SD West this week. Let's have a closer look at why that is so. Well, a message channel berween two components is such a level of indirection. My sister would probably say Cabbage Patch Kids. Hearing this tag line for the third or fourth time got me wondering, "what really is the difference between coding and configuring? I started to think about service-oriented architectures as an architectural style and how it compares to prior styles, such as distributed component architectures. Here is what I came away with. Or, they believe distributed solutions cannot be successful unless they include a distributed transaction model. You want a language that is alive and actually used by people. These dependencies make it difficult or impossible to test components outside of their container, throwing a major monkey wrench into test-driven development of these types of applications. How complex does my integration problem have to be to justify use of an EAI suite instead of hand wiring the solution? Webmasters and consumers may donwload this free feed by following the instructions located here.

After "loosely coupled", "stateless" must be a close runner-up as the ultimate nirvana in buzzword-compliant architectures. So yes, I am still promiscuous when it comes to platforms. Is this technology ready for prime time? Ultimately one might be able to share the executable source of the system with the business users to validate that this is what they wanted. This means we got to interact with the product team and play with some pre-beta bits. This year's conference was littered with talk and demos on SOA, ESB, Web Services, orchestration etc. One opportunity to do that presented itself at OOP in Munich where Ralf Westphal invited me to speak on distributed system architectures as part of the . A better blog system is in place to record your comments and give you the latest wireless, cell phone, and cell phone deal news on the net! But it makes me feel better that Ted Neward seems to beat me in that category, though. Is this technology ready for prime time? It was interesting to see what academia are working on these days in the areas of middleware and SOA.

We don't have to go further than the local coffee shop. At the same time, anyone who has seen my book must believe me when I say that I am a very visual person. I was prepared to have a very productive and creatively satisfying. com is proud to offer the latest is cell phone and PDA news in RSS and PHP format. Code-named Canary will feature quad-band GSM but upgrades to EDGE data. It is sort of like Burning Man for techno geeks. But just as Burning Man has gone pretty high tech fooCampers started to have more fun by burning things. Invariably, the answer is "it depends". You want a language that is alive and actually used by people. Dependency Injection avoids these dependencies and therefore improves testability. Each of the entry-level to midrange handsets has a the ability to backup and restore contacts over the network. Some thoughts on what we should be really looking for. After "loosely coupled", "stateless" must be a close runner-up as the ultimate nirvana in buzzword-compliant architectures. The toolkit is a lot of fun and makes for great demos, but it also triggered a bigger question.

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