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Mail Archives - Emory Roth

From: Emory Roth <>
Date: Aug 29, 2006 6:44 PM
Subject: tango memorize

TheChurch had more use for his fingers than for his creative ability. It is probable that he advanced light-and-shade. In the drawing it was not so good as that shown in the Roman andPompeian frescos. A new collection of Judaic art has been recently opened in the Louvre. That it strongly affected Italy is a very apparent fact. They had graceof line and motion and all the truth to nature that decorationrequired. White and purple are also used to define flesh, hair, and white objects. TheChurch had more use for his fingers than for his creative ability. Again themotives seem trifling, but again advancing technical power is shown. In the larger pieces thecomposition was rather rambling and disjointed, and the color harsh. He was undoubtedly a superior man technically. This can be traced in the Roman andPompeian frescos. After that the corrupted Italian art once more came to thefront. The Christian idea made hasteslowly, and at the start it was weighed down with many paganisms.

Their interest was chiefly centred in thehuman figure. Humanity andactual Greek life came in for its share. All thefrescos, mosaics, and altar-pieces had a decorative motive in theircoloring and setting. The military life ofthe Empire had begun to give way to the monastic and feudal life ofthe Church. After that date come the more importantnames of artists mentioned by the ancient writers. There was evidently anadvance technically, but some decline in the true spirit of art.

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