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Nigerian Scam Mail Archives 2005

Scam mail from: Smith Carpenter

From: Elgordo_lottery <>
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2005 21:27:18 -0500
Subject: Your Winning Notification-contact your claims agent

C\ Don Jaime I nº11 2º
50.003 Zaragoza

Batch: 12/25/0034
We are pleased to inform you of the result of the EL GORDO DELA PRIMITIVA HIGH-STAKE INTERNATIONAL LOTTERYPROGRAM which was held on the 20 December, 2004. Due tomix up of names, the results were finally released on 20thJanuary, 2005. Your Email address attached to ticket number025-11464992-750 with serial number 2113-05 drew the luckynumbers 4-18-24-30-31-35 which consequently won the lotteryin the 1st category.

You have therefore been approved for a lump sum payout ofUS$1,000,000.00 (One Million United States Dollars) in cashcredited to file EAASL/941OYI/02/SHYN. This is from a totalcash prize of US $50 Million dollars shared amongst the first fifty (50) lucky winners in this category. All participants were selected through a computer ballot system drawn from 25,000names from Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and NorthAmerica as part of our international promotions programwhich we conduct twice every year.

This year Lottery Program Jackpot is the largest ever forEl-Gordo Lottery. The estimated $50 million jackpot would bethe sixth-biggest in Europe history. The biggest was the $363million jackpot that went to two winners in a May 2000 drawingof The Big Game Mega Millions' predecessor.Your fund is now deposited in an offshore bank insured in yourname. Due to the mix up of some numbers and names, weadvice that you keep this award from public notice until your claim has been processed and your money remitted to yournominated bank account as this is part of our security protocolto avoid double claiming or unwarranted taking advantage ofthis program by the general public.

Please note that your lucky winning number falls within ourEuropean booklet representative office in Europe as indicated.In view of this, your S$1,000,000.00 (One Million United StatesDollars) would be released to you by our affiliate bank inEurope. Our agent will immediately commence the process to facilitate the release of your funds to you as soon as you makecontact with her.To begin your claim please contact your claims agent:

Mrs. Kate Henshaw
Foreign Services Manager, Payment and Release Order Dept.
Phone: +44 704 010 6561
Fax: +44 709 284 0122

Your claims agent will assist you in the processing andremittance of your prize funds into your designated bankaccount. Note that all prize funds must be claimed not later than 21st Febuary, 2005. After this date all funds will be returned to theLOTTERY TREASURY as unclaimed. In order to avoid unnecessary delays and complications, please endeavor toquote your Reference (EAASL/941OYI/02/SHYN) and Batchnumbers (12/25/0034) in every correspondence with your agent.Furthermore, should there be any change in your address, doinform your claims agent as soon as possible.Congratulations once again from all members of our staff andthanks for being part of our promotions program.

Yours faithfully,
Smith Carpenter.
AFRO-ASIAN Zonal Coordinator. is dedicated to all the hardworking people who have been scammed by the spammer or 419 scam frauds. Although our site concentrates on providing awareness of Nigerian 419 spam (scam), scam baiting, advance fee fraud, scam phising, also we deal with other types of fraud such as letter spam, e-mail scam, lottery spam as well. You can go through our scam baiting tips, it is just amazing way to deal with the spammer or scammer.

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